Bachelor Pad

He may sleep in a coffin but...

Matt Beringers House
is quite the site, he has decided to remove all of the typical symbols of oppulence and strip it down to its most bare essentials. He has dedicated most of his time and energy into the grounds of the property. He has created an oasis in a sometimes desert of modern landscaping. He has been enable to capture the true essence of what it is to be Matt Beringer. In short, superbly awesome!
Check out the vid.
His backyard boasts a water slide, sans water.

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Focus and now Re-Focus

Focus was a film that popped out last year highlighting some key World Cup races and events in between such as Megavalanche and team training camps. The latest film to come out of Orpheus Productions is cleverly entitled "Re-Focus" and carrys on the tradition of killer footage from the worlds best. A snippet of a trailer is available on the site with a full trailer in the works. We will keep you up to date to a release.

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MIck Hannah and Cannondale Break-Up

"Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme Mick...."
The Cannondale Cut just got a bit slimmer as World Cup racer Mick Hannah has parted ways with the team. No word as of yet who he will be riding for in 2008 but with a sold win in Vigo this year and the power and commitment he shows to racing he will be sure to land a good gig.

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Wisp on the Big Screen

Don Hampton of DH Productions was on hand at the last Wisp race a few weeks back toting around a very expensive video camera. He was getting shots throughout the DH course as well as the Dual qualifiers and finals. Mike Hartlove even arranged for an airplane so he could gain some aerial shots of the mountain. Thanks for the vid Don.

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Federal Video

I see from the previous post that you all have met Jeru. He might not have formally introduced himself but I am sure you see where he is coming from.

The Fed's are at it again with a new video offering from the Cologne, Germany trip. You might have to download a DIVX player to watch the goods but it is well worth it. It highlights some superb riding and some really excellent riding spots.
Federal Video

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Back to the Drawing Board.

Now my somewhat feeble understanding of the birthing process of a product includes a step where it is presented to the target demographic to seek approval. I believe the step is number 72 out of the 94 step process. This process made popular by the book "Salesman of the Century" by Ron Popeil. That great book and all its valuable secrets never made it to the hands of the employees at T.H.E. Many sites have been praising the latest offerings of goods to be released, not Jeru! Jeru takes personal offense at all products that are unworthy.

This helmet bag...First it looks like the blood pressure machine in the grocery store I used to play with when being yelled at by my mama. It fails not because of the "flava-ful" or "played" pattern that it sports, not even the jingle jangle of those bulky ass zippers. It fails for two reasons. (1) The relief under the visor, are we shaving weight fellas? Oh, I see we want passers by to whisper under breathe "he has go a legit THE full face helmet in that designer satchel." That ain't happening, more like "what is with the busted ass purse, sweetie?" (2)They didn't stop there a voice from some cubicle screamed out "don't forget the celly!" And they attached a CELL PHONE HOLSTER to the bag, because when you are sporting that sac around town, you must be connected to all the fellas...How in the world could they justify placing a cell phone holster on the strap. All it needs now is a little clear plastic holder for my bus pass.

Taken from there site:
THE VISION We are committed to developing the best and most innovative products in the industry. This dedication pushes us to the edge, and very often we are the only ones out there. "We Like It That Way". We are proud of the fact we listen to enthusiast everywhere, and work very hard with the world's top pros to develop and test new ideas. This effort allows us to deliver fresh new products like you've never seen before, products that fill the need and bridge the gap left by the rest of the industry.

GrandMaster said it best: "Don't push me, 'cause I'm close to the edge / I'm trying not to lose my head"

Now the hoodie...
I can get with the quilted look, really can. The full zip on the other hand is a stretch, all the new
kids at lunch way be rockin the full zip, not this guy. The full zip is one thing, the grommets for your eyes and mouth though are a completely different avenue. Maybe if you were waiting in line at the bus with symtex strapped to your jelly parts and the aspirations of eternity on your mind. Either way, poor execution my friend, poor execution. Send one to Mr. Lucas, I'm sure he'll love it.

Back to the drawing board.

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2008 Race Schedule, kinda sorta...

Here it is the end of the 2007 season and we are already getting emails asking about the 2008 season. So calm down only boyscouts plan this far in advance besides this is all we got.

A very preliminary 2008 schedule for the NMBS series is out and about. The focus on that last sentence is "very preliminary" as Sugar Mountain has cancelled. There are some welcomed additions to the roster that include Tamarack, where Dave almost ended his life and Windham here on the Big East. Located about an hour north of Plattekill, it should scare the crap out of the dusty SoCal riders.

* NMBS #1: Southridge Park, Fontana, California (Mar 27-30)
* NMBS #2: Nova Nationals, Fountain Hills, Arizona (Apr 3-6)
* NMBS #3: Firestone Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara, California (May 16-18)
* NMBS #4: Deer Valley, Park City, Utah (June 26-29)
* NMBS #5: Showdown at Sugar Mountain, North Carolina (July 3-6) CANCELLED LOCATION
* NMBS #6: East Coast National, Windham, New York (July 10-13)
* NMBS #7: Snowmass, Colorado (Aug 14-17)
* NMBS #8: Tamarack Resort, McCall, Idaho (Aug 28 - Sept 1)

*Derailed Online has reported the 2008 date for the Virginia State Champs at Massanutten to be May 9th. It is always a fun course and has a bit of history as hosting a UCI World Cup in 1997, I believe Rockwell took third at that event. Ahh those were the days, Myles on a bike and the UCI in our backyard. Speaking of UCI:

*May 10/11 Maribor (Slo) 4X/DHI 1
*May 31/June 1 Vallnord (And) XCO 4, 4X/DHI 2
*June 7/8 Fort William (GBr) XCO 5, 4X/DHI 3
*July 26/27 Bromont (Can) XCO 6, 4X/DHI 4
*August 2/3 Mont Sainte Anne (Can) XCO 7, 4X/DHI 5
*August 30/31 Canberra (Aus) XCO 8, 4X/DHI 6
*September 13/14 Schladming (Aut) XCO 9, 4X/DHI 7

If you got wht it takes:
*6/17/2008 UCI MTB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Commezzadura - Val-di-Sole (thats Italy)

*Sea Otter Classic is scheduled for April 17-20th in picturesque Monterey, Cali.

*Chili Challenge is on for February 20-23rd in Angel Fire, New Mexico.

While you have your calendars out, the 2010 Worlds will be held at Mount Saint Anne.

Thats all we got, it is friggin October, go dig trails and be patient and leave us alone.



Have you seen this?

No, I am not talking about that idiotic Oakley/Blair Witch Commercial hype project. I speak of "wideOpen", some boys out of the UK have been pumping these big PDF issues out for a little while now. A bi-monthly magazine, it covers all the UK has to offer from racing updates to new products. A bucket load of articles and hundreds of photos packed into each 80 plus page magazine. Remember LitterMag when you had to wait for each issue to drop from the heavens to feast your eyes on the alternative. Same idea, different execution. Not as cut and pasted together but at the same time thats what we all love about Litter. Wideopen! good guys doing some hard work. Check it out, they mean well and they did it for you, besides what else do you have to do at work.

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Fixed Gear and BMX craziness!

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Dirt Interviews Martin Whitely

"All the team bikes go to Japan and are compacted as per HRC policy on prototypes."
A very candid interview with the former head of G-Cross racing, Martin Whitely.
As for Greg and Brndan for 2008? A little birdy here and a little birdy there have mentioned TREK? Dirt Interview

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Nitro Circus "Thrillbillies"

The East Coast is home to much of the history of this country. It also happens to be the home of Travis Pastrana. As most of you should know Pastrana is a MX phenom and Freestyle pioneer.
He has dabbled in rally cars and monster trucks and even film making. The Nitro Circus series of films documents all the bad decisions one can make with a throttle. Pastrana friend and TractionMag associate Jim Dechamp put us on a very elite list to help ring in the newest film "Thrillbillies. The premier is this Sunday in Annapolis, Maryland and if you are in the area and need an adrenaline fix, you now where to get it. Full report and insane party pics to come. I believe the term is "wideopen".
Thrillbillies Trailer

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World Cup team shuffle

The shuffling has been underway for some time now. MS Racing dropped Kovarik (small change, sorry for the confusion) and he has joined forces with Nigel Page to continue rockin Intense courtesy of Steber, Lehikionen joins MS Racing taking Kovariks place, he is leaving the now defunct Honda Team. No word on Greg and Brendan as to where they will end up. Lopes got the pink slip from longtime sponsor GT and Kintners focus on the 2008 Olympics may be her saving grace with the deep rooted BMX company. The latest news to drop on our desk is the possible move by Fabien Barel to Lapierre Bicycles, Nico Vouilloz was testing and riding the bike for the French company all throughout 2007 and even showed his mug at Champery.
The confirmation has not come through from Lapierre but Subaru is def. on board with Barel for 2008 as for claims of Sabrina leaving Iron Donkey seem a bit far fetched we will have to see what pans out.

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Earthed 5 "The Law of Fives"

Alex Rankin, the mastermind behind the "Earthed" series has recently released a trailer for his 5th installment. Droppin it like its hot. Beat that Dave!

has been revamped and our friend Damian Breach's coverage of Motocross of Nations is now live!

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Honda Team is finished!

From the 23 degrees website.

Team G Cross Honda Comes To An End

Following an announcement by Honda at the end of the final JCF race series in Japan at the weekend, it can be confirmed that Team G Cross Honda will not be continuing.

23 Degrees Sports Management, the company hired by the Honda Racing Corporation to manage the international mountain bike race activities for the company, confirms today that the program will have no future beyond 2007.

According to the statement released by Honda Racing Corporation:

"First of all, we want to express our gratitude to Team Director Martin Whiteley, riders Greg Minnaar, Matti Lehikoinen, Brendan Fairclough, and Cyrille Kurtz, and the talented technical staff of 23 Degrees for their complete understanding and cooperation to the challenge; realising a completely new and world class race category for Honda.

As a motorcycle manufacturer, we had achieved the approach of this challenge by applying our technology which has been cultivated by our motorcycle development, and getting some feedback to our motorcycle technology is one of the purposes of our entry into the downhill mountain bike racing activity. The original "RN01" technology for example, frame and suspension, was designed utilizing off road motorcycle technology, including a very special centrally mounted gearbox that is able to change shift at any time; these were improved repeatedly, and were completed as we expected and hoped it would when we started this project back in 2000. The correctness of direction, and our approach, has been validated by the fact that we have been the number one international team for the past 2 years, and proven by the race results including acquisition of the NORBA title (2004) and UCI World Cup title (2005).

Again, we wish to express our gratitude to all team members and persons related to this project, and want all members of the team to continue aiming at success in all the challenges that lay before them. We deeply appreciate the cooperation and warm guidance we received as a company from both the race scene and the bicycle industry, allowing us to learn a lot over these years, and of course, we greatly appreciate and respect the warm and sincere appreciation of our efforts by the fans of Team G Cross Honda, which was obvious at every race we attended."

Statement from 23 Degrees Sports Management CEO Martin Whiteley:

"Team G Cross Honda has been a very important part of the international race scene over the past 4 years, and the successes have been well documented. However, I think the greatest success of the project has been the way in which it has asked the participants (riders, fans, media, sponsors) to look at our sport in a different light, and to think outside the box when it comes to race technology and the approach to racing. As a company we are indeed indebted to the Honda Racing Corporation for having the confidence in our abilities to carry out their objectives, but we are also extremely appreciative of the co-sponsors that joined in with our efforts, namely Alpinestars, Maxxis, Showa, Formula, Mavic, Funn, SDG, SRAM, Motorex, Sapim, PowerBar, Chris King and ODI.

I also want to pay a particular tribute to the talented riders and staff who have formed part of the World Team since 2004, namely riders Greg Minnaar, Matti Lehikoinen, Brendan Fairclough and Cyrille Kurtz, as well as mechanics Mike Van Zyl, Mark Maurissen and Adam Bonney, Road Manager Paul Schlitz and Photographer Gary Perkin. Their contributions have been invaluable."

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Eric Lichtenberger

Patrick tried to call me out on his 200th post by saying I was handling BMX content. The the thing is I live in a place (Idaho) less friendly to BMX than either of the poles. BMX content, let alone BMX occurences here, are few and far between-that's being generous!
And then this. The master of precision. Eric Lichtenberger, your childhood friend and mine, moved to the place where cover photos are born not long ago. While there's all kinds of talk about this being crazy and everything, (which it just might be) Eric finds and rides this kind of stuff on a regular basis. But in between riduculosity (totally a word) he'll session a curb/manual pad for two hours. Congrats on the cover photo. And, thanks for bailing me out of putting out actual effort to produce content. So easy. Maybe the first cover where the dude is grinning?
Good for another couple hundred posts, yes?
How about this layout Patrick, what's going on with the semi-stacked posts (try to call me out)?


Insane in the Membrane

The "Fit" crew have been up to no good at Heath Pinters house. Moto trails on 20 inch!
Mike Aitken is a retard with the footplant! Chase Hawk is special-ed with the altitude.
Loss for words.

Might I mention Chase Hawk is brakeless...

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Be Kind Rewind

Michele Gondry makes some of the most visually stimulating films. He has created videos for Bjork, Massive Attack and the White Stripes. You can always be guaranteed a smile and laugh when watching his work. It feels as if you instilled the technical know-how of film making into the innocent raw vision of a child.

His movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Science of Sleep and the famed Dave Chappelle’s Block Party all encompass his sense of wonder and youth. His new film starring Mos Def and Jack Black is titled “Be Kind Rewind” I won’t give you the synopsis, you will just have to watch the trailer and see for yourself.

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Get Dirty!

For all you fools without a clue, this post is for you. "Dirt" magazine is my favorite magazine in the world. It is to mountain bikers what "Penthouse" is to perverts or "High Times" is to hippies. They fill the issues with brilliant words and glorious pictures. They have great product reviews, a special love for Peaty and that queer way of spelling "colour". You gotta love it. They were pumping out issues every two months for years and finally pulled the trigger on a monthly status a few months back. I braced myself for a little content drop or some lame filler. But not these guys, they found even more interesting articles to write and even more kick-ass photos to print. They keep us in tune to the bicycle world around us, they pull our borders closer and give us a close up view of the goodies and people we enjoy. To make it better for us Yankees, they have a U.S. distributor, IMS News. Located just south of the TractionMag World Headquarters in Virginia. No excuses now, you have been instructed on the benefits and paved a path. Get dirty and subscribe, get your finger on the pulse of mountain biking.

Thank you Dirt

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200 thanks to Derailed

Well looks like we are at our 200th post. Not as big of a celebration as you might be thinking. It has been fun bringing you news and stories, hopefully EYECANTSTOP will contribute more. He will now be in charge of 20 inch content. I just gave him that appointment, he has no idea about it yet. Check out the new pics menu located to the left.
My German friend has found some goodies pertaining to one the craziest races ever. 25Framez Thanks MW

Well we would like to thank Mr. Brady Owens at Derailed Online for stepping up to the plate and handling this debacle we on the East have come to know as "The Gravity East Series." Despite all the let downs he picked up the pieces and applied glue where needed. It now resembles what it initially declared itself to be. He has just recently updated the point series standings as we enter the final race in Plattekill this weekend. Brady, thanks for all your work and we hope to see you there in the north of NY. Derailed Online

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Barel roll?

People have a lot of free time. I admit that i have too much time in front of a monitor. I am amazed at how the internet can house so many rumor mills. Don't get me wrong I love a good rumor as much as the next guy, but it really takes on a new form via the internet. Kovarik leaves Ms-Intense, Lopes off of GT, Matti leaves Honda for Intense and so on and so on. Now these are rumors turned fact and for every one factual tidbit that emerges from the land of CPU, there are twenty off base accusations and scandalous reports. A knitting circle is one example. Will GT ax the team, Kintner to focus on BMX for Beijing? Bryn lost with out the I-drive? Who knows? Who cares, everyone thats who. As the season comes to a close we are all grasping at straws to talk bike. Its natural. So on that note, word around the campfire is Fabian Barel is looking for a new team to replace Kona for 2008?

Just a little fuel for the fire.

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Help me , Help you...

I fully embrace pop culture and the vernacular that is intertwined within it, to deny one is to deny the other. I get it. I'm hip, I'm down, no need for a tutor here, class has been in session since "Krush Groove" was a hit. All right I may have lost half of you with a dated analogy such as that. My point, which I was not making, is that verbal subculture is just that "subculture" to see in mass media is to expose it for the lame, lazy speech we all know it is deep down. To see it out of context is to laugh at every high-fivin scenario we have ever put ourselves in. Slang is worthless without proper speech. All I ask keep in under the radar; don't bring it up for air because it really makes you and us look stupid.
Case in point:

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Stoked on being pumped.

Yeah what he said...Stickers with that phrase were plastered all over Sin city during Interbike. Mutiny has a new video project that is soon to be released. "Stoked on being Pumped" not only offers great riding but superior editing and camera work this is truly on par as being a BMX movie rather than just another bike vid. There flick is shot in HD and will be available on Blu-ray as well as DVD. Drops November 7th, Holla.

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Bryce on Syndicate

Saw this coming but now its official. The Santa Cruz Syndicate has just enlisted, young UK ripper Josh Bryceland. Better known as one of "Peaty's Kids" Josh has been getting faster and more serious, with no better example of this then his past year on the World Cup Circuit. With a V-10 underneath him for some time now he will join mentor Peat and Rennie on the race circus. Bryceland along with Fairclough, Donaghue and Beaumont have been under the watchful eye of the big Brit for a number of years now and is now reaping the benefits of a full factory ride. Stress level high? probably.
"A day in the life of Josh Bryceland"

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Tid Bits

We brought you some information on this crown/stem combo almost a year ago. Well we finally found some more info, the company is based out of the UK and as you can see Persist Components is all about the "High-End" consumer. CNC machining set off with gold titanium socket screws. Bling does come to mind. At the rate the Euro is going, you will have to refinance the farm to get a hold of this one...Oh boxxer fans don't worry you will get yours soon.

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Ze Germans...

Creative badass Laikabase in Germany is responsible for alot of cunning work in the print and video world they have stunning animated graphics. They have been working with Nicolai and the SRAM Mafia. The most recent project is SRAM's "Bike World 3" take a looksee..."laikabase"

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Plattekill, going out in style

ROXBURY, N.Y. (derailedonline.com) - October 12-14, 2007 will mark a huge weekend in gravity mountain bike racing as Plattekill Mountain in Roxbury, NY hosts the first ever 'Gravity East Finals" in conjunction with an NCCA Collegiate Eastern Championship event. The' Gravity East' series newly formed this year, was conceived in an effort to make a true "East Coast" series that would allow racers to compete for points across 9-venues. Stops on the circuit spanned the Atlantic Coast from Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid NY to Massanutten in VA. Unfortunately, mid-season the series "almost" fell apart with lack of support for the series diminishing by the original organizers. However, thanks to Dieter Ward of Team Plattekill and Brady Owens of Derailedonline.com, the two together worked out a strategy to save the series by coming up with a points system to manage the race results across the series and keep the riders informed. Massanutten, Plattekill, Wisp, Whitface and Mount Snow all agreed that the series was too important to drop and that it was evident by racer turnouts and feedback, that the riders wanted the series to go on. So these 5 venues teamed together and will be offering a $2000 cash purse to the 2007 Gravity East Series Winners at the Plattekill finale events in a few weeks.

In addition, Plattekill Mountain has increased the stakes for the Gravity East Finals by offering a $5000 cash purse for the Downhill event and a $1000 cash purse for the Dual Slalom event in addition to the series cash prizes and product support thanks to Plattekill Mountain's series sponsors. According to spokesperson Dieter Ward, Plattekill Mountains Cycling Manager, "we wanted to make this a major event by offering a significant cash purse to attract some of the Country's top mountain bike athletes and get them to Plattekill to experience some of the best downhill terrain on the East Coast". The event is expected to attract over 400 competitors and over 100 collegiate racers for the event. Billy Allison, Plattekill's Cycling Director added, "we've planned a festival-type weekend for both racers and spectators and encourage everyone to come on up to the mountain for an exciting weekend as they will find more than just great racing action during the 3-day event." Industry vendors and sponsors have been invited to showcase their new 2008 bike lines (Sinister Bikes will be on hand for a demo) and the mountain will be featuring a DJ, huge barbeque by Longhorn BBQ, and showing of the World Premier New World Disorder 8
- "Smack Down". The Mountain will be open from 10am-5pm Friday for freeriding and race course practice. Friday ift tickets are just $10 with any race registration. The Dual Slalom event will take place Saturday at 3pm and the Dowhhill race event will be Sunday at 11am. Add to that, Shaums March Pro Training Camps will be featuring pre-race training camps on Friday and Saturday with ½-day sessions to hone your race skills, just $99. For more info visit Plattekill's website www.plattekill.com. The trail crew at Plattekill is cooking up something special for the Gravity East race courses, and have been hard at work finishing up the soon to be infamous "camper" jump - a.k.a. the "Plattekill Townhouse Jump" to debut for the Gravity DH Finals Course. Pictures can be seen on derailedonline.com. Plattekill Mountain is located in the Northern Catskill Mountains of NY, approximately 2-1/2 hours from NYC and 1 hour from Albany, NY and operates the longest continuously operating lift-served mountain biking center in the East.
Plattekill has been operating from late April until early November since 1994. For more info or to pre-register for any of the weekends events visit www.plattekill.com or call (607) 326-3500.

2007 Plattekill Gravity East Sponsors: Maxxis, Fox Racing Shox, Sponsorhouse.com,
Racers Edge Bike Shop, Magura, Monster Energy Drinks, Turner Bikes, Overlook Bike Shop, NYC Freeride, Slikfit, Gamut, T-Bar Restaurant, Roxbury NY, SVB Racing, Derailedonline.com and Shaums March Mad March Racing Camps.

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"Star and Bars" Teaser

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Posting bail in Vegas is harder than you would think....

Well there was a lot to see in Vegas this year, many brands had new rigs to show off. Scott and Rocky Mountain were two of the most talked about companies. The outdoor demo was bigger this year with many exhibitors choosing only to be present there and not in the convention itself. With a more expanded demo fleet there seemed to be twice as many people looking to try a hand at some new technology. We have some great stories to share and some interesting tidbits to highlight. Look for reviews on Scott, Rocky Mountain, Crank Brothers, SDG, Marzocchi, Royal and many more. Check out these PHOTOS Peace and hair grease...

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