Eric Lichtenberger; still ruling

Eric Lichtenberger getting 'er done. from Lotek on Vimeo.


Everyone gets a video.

Hill apparently has someone following him around with a camera. Lucky us.


Gear down clown.


PUSH PULL from Landis Fields on Vimeo.

That video above is SERIOUS this next video is not so SERIOUS "Check It"


Colt Fake... straight huckin

Contrarian Spec

A tire made with no knobs on it, a single chainring, a heavy fork, and a shock that's too small. Why is this is the funnest bike I've ever owned? Weigh in on commentz...


New Film...Finally

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Some People Think This is Fun...

Bend, OR. Cold. Look at that thermostat. And bikes?


Blinky will be riding for the Frenchys

“I’m really happy to join the Lapierre team,” says Sam. “It’ll be really interesting to train with a rider like Nicolas Vouilloz, 10-time World champion. I’m ready to meet my new teammates and start product testing next month. I learned a lot with my previous team, but I’m ready for a new adventure with Lapierre.”

Lapierre Release

It's about damn time!

From my days riding 20 inch to today with my big bike and fixed, I welcome this product with open arms. All we need is the 26 and 700c offering. In the words of the late great Cobra Commander..."CoooooBRAAAAAAA"

September 2010...

That is when Cane Creek loses its coveted patent for the headset. You can expect every Tom, Dick and Jane to be making headsets since they will not have to cut a royalty check to CC. Maybe we will see the prices drop?


Digital Magazine from IMB

To hell with paper your glass screen may be the new medium for magazines.
International Mountain Bike Magazine

For you webfooters...

The waves in Oahu's North Shore are expected to reach 50ft today. Perfect conditions for the QuickSilver Big Wave contest to honor Eddie Aikau. The contest was last held in 2004, they look to have a minimum wave height of 40ft. Some locals boast that waves have already exceeded the 50ft projection. Check out the comp here "Eddie would go!"


Yeti is a movin and a shakin

So with a shakeup at Yeti we see the departure of Sam Blenkinsop but the addition of Scott Sharples. Sharples was previously running with Specialized as the MTB Sports Marketing Manager, he joins Yeti in giving a much needed helping hand to Damian Smith.

Where will Sam B end up?


I'd like to introduce you to Juliet Elliot.

Cute as a button she is, with her tat-Sleeve and a wrist brace. Sounds like the perfect match for.................DS


Someone got a new site...finally

Cove Bikes