I wanna fly!

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

Love at first sight.

White male, late forties, brown hair, moustache
lumbering gait, resembles Carl from athf. Walking against traffic on Park ave by Madison
Girl that ran into you with bike at about 4pm yesterday, headed North on Park ave.
I was headed directly towards you, and I had to blink to make sure my eyes weren't decieving me. A vision in tapered sweat pants and matching sweater. I wasn't sure if you were going to notice me, especially after I said "excuse me" and then yelled "look out", but when you jumped directly in front of my bike, I knew it was meant to be.
I didn't know it at the time, but we must have both been struck by love. Perhaps it was the way you called me a cunt in that Hampden-esque grunt, or the subsequent threats and challenges that ensued, but you really got my heart racing.
I didn't mean to seem uninterested, but after I fell off my bike due to you throwing your body in front of it, I got back on and biked away only because I thought you were running after me to beat the crap out of me. Forgive me, I didn't realize you were smitten until you mentioned the possibility of "teaching me a proper lesson". You ran after me for a good two blocks before giving up, at which point you yelled "you ain't even got no drawers on bitch". I would like to clarify that I had running shorts on, and it may have appeared I was pant-less because my coat is long, but when we get married in Atlantic City (I'll wear white and you'll be appropriately three sheets to the wind on malt liqour) feel free to tell the story to our guests about how I wasn't wearing any pants when we met. I'd like to specifically take you up on your offer of a "fair and square race" on "yer legs". A healthy bit of competition in relationships is never a bad thing. Maybe we could race to the liqour store and the loser can buy a six pack of pabst. (I pegged you as a pabst drinker, personally I prefer Mickey's, but we could compromise. You seem like the reasonable type).
I bet you couldn't outrun me if I was blindfolded and had a cigarette (pal mals, baby, just for you) dangling from my mouth.
Please, dear sweet pedestrian, find me. You can teach me how to be an asshole, and I'll teach you how to walk on sidewalks, and in the right direction. I know our love will last.

* Location: Mt. Vernon
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Rankin is at it again.

Josh Coppins is awesome.

Snakes & Ladders "One More Year" trailer from alex rankin on Vimeo.

Where The Wild Things Are.

This was my favorite book as a child. Spike Jonze has made the film.

Intense M6 EVO

The new Intense M6 EVO for the Intense/X Fusion team. A very nice looking frame. Note the adjustable dropouts and adjustable headtube angle. Very similar to many bikes now that have been offering those adjustments for some time now.


Armstong's collarbone goes snap!

While on a five-day race in Spain, Lance broke his shit. He should be fine for the Tour. But he did break his shit. It might look something like the x-ray below.

Read more HERE.


Husker Du's or Husker Don'ts


Waiting Room for Monday


White Industries Urban Pedal

No real info as of yet. They will be expensive. They will be hard to get. You will be pissed if you ever have to lay the bike down at speed.

Foster and the Bubba Scrub.

Brian Foster Interview on Ride UK


Stolen Honda RN01 on Ebay?



New "Memmelgnar" Desktops

Pic: Leif Lorenzen
For all you dedicated Memmelaar fans out there, here is the new hotness. We have two new desktops for your 'puter screen. Now you can be inspired by the "Eye of the Tiger" or "Schralp-Fest 2009" simply click on the desired image and right clicky.

Hopefully in the future we can get some race reports and some more eye candy. Thanks J
Pic: Chris "Sharky" Gattas


Another obscure Red Bull race, down something...

I was impressed with the race, even more so with Bas de Bever popping up. I love watching that guy ride a bike.

I would embed the player but it is so annoying when it auto plays. Follow the link "HERE"

Also there are some new pieces from Chromag, newly designed Fubars and a clean looking seatpost clamp. The stems are also nice but I liked these better so...

For those of you that know Phil Wheeler, he recently suffered a serious Motocross injury. He is in the hospital recovering and he looks as if he will heal up. Send him some love, from the looks of the pictures on Littermag he certainly needs it. Phil is a staple around here on the East Coast, between working at various shops, being terrorized by D-Ruckus and hopping on that retarded trials bike he traveled with us for a season. When I say he traveled with us I really mean that we let him sleep on the floor in Slater's room. Rest up Phil, you are our "Great American Hero."


Memmelaar takes second in Fontana!

East Coast representative, Jason Memmelaar just placed second at the latest race of the Fontana Series in Cali. For those of you who don't know Jason, you must understand that this is one committed privateer. A strong work ethic, friendly temperament and a strong desire to win make this guy impressive to watch. We will try to keep you up on the info of Jason's exploits. We are sure he knows the whole Right Coast is behind him!

"Turn up the crazy and rip the knob off."

Whose bike costs more?

Sam's vehicle of victory.

Frame - 2009 Specialized Demo
Shock - Rock Shox Vivid 5.1
Spring - Obtanium Ti 450lb
Forks - 2010 Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup
Handlebars - FUNN Full On 735mm
Stem - FUNN RSX Direct Mount
Grips - FUNN Combat
Brakes - Avid Juicy Carbon Levers w/ Elixir Calipers(185mm rotors f/r)
Shifter - SRAM X.O. Trigger w/ custom SAM paddle
Der. - SRAM X.O. Super Short
Chain - SRAM 991 Hollow Pin
Cassette - SRAM 990 11-21
Cranks - Truvativ Holzfeller OCT 165mm
Bottom Bracket - Truvativ Holzfeller Team
Chainguide - E13 LG-1
Chain Ring - E13 Guidering 36T
Pedals - Crankbrothers 5050xx
Seatpost - SDG Mirco Beam Carbon
Seat - SDG I-Fly
Wheels - DT Swiss FR2350
Tires - Specialized Clutch 2.3
Tubes - Specialized Standard Tube
Attention to detail...presta & schrader

Maybe this is Lance's vehicle of victory

A bunch of road stuff.
Hard to believe that the boys in Wisconsin even know who Kaws is. "Kaws not Klaws, my bad"
Whose bike is lighter?


Phil Wood 38th Anniversary Hub.

Phil Wood is celebrating their 38th anniversary. Along with cake and balloons they are releasing some limited edition super high flanged track hubs. They come in high polish and gold plated.
Limited to 100 sets so if you are itching for a pair, you better call your local bike shop. LINK

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is the latest film from Clay Porter. It is certainly his style. The US premier will take place in Monterrey during Sea Otter, we will keep you up-to-date. The highlight for us, Shaun Palmer interview! LINK


Fresh produce from the fields.

Chris King has a new "Inset" headset. They will be available at your local shop in June 09.
Yes, I would imagine that they would have it offered in all of those crazy colors. I have to say I love King's products and craftsmanship, but fellas? They aren't the quickest when it comes to new product releases. LINK

Phil Wood has released a new bottom bracket for all of you who love to sport Shimano or Race Face cranks with the external bearings. Stainless cups and a light weight aluminum sleeve make up a very lightweight product from the precision maniacs at Phil. Oh there spokes are super juicy, simply because they have their name stamped in the body of the spoke. It's the little things. LINK

Honey from the Hive

The big east is being peppered with snow so Snowday is in full effect. The boys at Fifth District Cycles came through and were able to score us some Chub Hubs from Hive. The "SR" collaboration bike is really coming together now. We have wheel parts, saddle, seatpost, stem, bars and some "Weapon X" components.


Pan American MTB Championship squad announced.

We are very happy to see Heikki, Heath, The Dine (pictured above) and Ethan on the team representing the United States.

USA Cycling announced today the 20 athletes that will represent the United States at the 2009 Pan American Mountain Bike Championships, March 20-23 in Santiago, Chile.

"An eight-person gravity contingent will also wear the Stars-and-Stripes in Chile while contesting downhill and 4-cross events. All discretionary picks, Curtis Keene (Fremont, Calif.), Heikki Hall (Durango, Colo.), Chris Van Dine (Park City, Utah), Ethan Quehl (Grayson, Ga.), Graeme Pitts (Nevada City, Calif.) and Chris Heath (Durango, Colo.) will compete in the men’s downhill event, while Kathy Pruitt (Santa Cruz, Calif.) and Rachel Bauer (Aspen, Colo.) will race women’s downhill."

Hall, Van Dine, Pruitt and Bauer will also race in their respective 4-cross competitions.

2009 Pan American Mountain Bike Championships
March 20-23
Santiago, Chile

Mick Hannah breaks loose.

Damian Breach is a great photographer. He will be residing in Australia for this upcoming season as opposed to coming over and shooting the Yanks, as they attempt to "race downhill". His site has seen an overhaul and he has been capturing the Aussies do what they do best. Here is a cherry pic of Mick Hannah on his new ride as he loses a bit of Traction...

Highway Robbery?