Project Bike

TractionMag has teamed up with the creative mind behind Bishop Bikes to develop a new fixed gear bike. The new bike entitled "SR" will feature custom tubing as well as incorporate some new industry elements such as BB30 and other unmentionable goodies. Graphic work is being handled by DS up north. You can expect regular updates on the build with quite a few detailed photos. If you have not had the chance to peruse the new links, take a look and check out Bishop Bikes.

New Links

Well, I am alive. I just have been busy with everything else besides the site. Had some help from D in Conn. and D in Bmore, thanks guys. Cleaning house a bit, you need to do this every so often. We have some new links to your right, some new categories to help you navigate through them. Have a thought? Send a line. Tis the season, right?


Undercover, brother.

Before public parks were common I thought I should become an architect, just so I could make rideable surfaces. That might not have been lucrative...
Or......(click to shred).


One toke over the line...

On The Line - Trailer from Goldstein Productions on Vimeo.

A new downhill flick from Goldstein Productions featuring some pretty gnarly riders and some definitely rad locations (read:'Whistler'). These guys have a true passion for the sport we enjoy and the resultant lifestyle, and it's always cool to see more films coming from the perspective of 'Joe-the-downhiller'. Keep watching till the end, that gap is loco. The full length film is to be released online just in time for riding season in Spring of 09'. Check out http://www.goldsteinproductions.ca/ for more info.