IMB Digital Magazine

International Mountain Bike magazine's newest issue is available featuring Miss Atherton on the cover. Great spreads and nice interaction. Digital media is on the rise!

Pedal your ass off.

BLK-MRKT Killswitch

This guy is pumped for the release of this bike.

-Handmade from a custom 6061 T6 tubeset with precision CNC'd linkages & yokes.
-Black Market's own proprietary Hammer-Link design with 100mm travel.
-Replaceable Nylock nuts and threaded inserts milled into the frame at all bolt locations and shock mount points protect against over zealous mechanics and owners a like.
-Custom Killswitch tuned X-Fusion 02 RCX shock.
-All hardware and bearings are easily accessible for ease of maintenance and repairs.
-Blk Mrkt Cartridge Zero Stack headset (included) design to allow for the lowest front end possible. Replaceable BB shell also acts as massive 40mm pivot axle keeping things stiff and true.
-Replaceable drop outs in horizontal (included), vertical or Maxle versions.
Sizes: S (21"), M (22") & L (23")


Ray's MTB coming to Milwaukee

Crack a cold one because Ray and friends will be setting up a new warehouse with all the ramps and trick makers necessary for you to have a gnarly sesh. Will keep you up to date on when it opens... maybe, we may just get utterly bored with the topic and drop off.

Nukeproof DH Frame

Nuke is now dabbling in the frame market. Very promising.

Check out Nukeproof.

Fox 2011 Kashima Coating

Fox will be producing forks with the super slick Kashima Coating, as one of the only companies outside of Japan with the ability to utilize this process they will certainly have a leg up on the rest of the industry. Remember those Boxxers with Ti-nitride? Those were some good looking legs.

"Proven Coating Technology
The Kashima Coat technology has been used for years across the motorcycle and automotive industries in suspension components and clutch and valve train assemblies because of its low-friction and ultra-wear resistance properties.

In the revolutionary Kashima Coat process, lubricating molybdenum disulfide is deposited, via electrical induction, into the billions of micropores on the surface of hard-anodized aluminum. With its debut on the international mountain bike racing circuit, the distinctive gold colored, Kashima coated stanchions maintain better lubrication characteristics, and the lightweight aluminum components treated with Kashima Coat attain a level of hardness and abrasion resistance four times tougher than standard hard-anodized aluminum.

Beyond the obvious benefit of added durability, the significant decrease in friction proved to provide a tangible increase in suspension performance. Athletes who tested and raced with Kashima coated FOX Racing Shox suspension reported an improved overall consistency and feel with Kashima Coat."


Spoke me? Spoke you!

All this talk about getting rid of spokes recently has been a bit of a stick in the spokes. (cheap laugh) One is a concept and the other is proof that Ivy-Leaguers like Yale can pull off the science and guts of a project but certainly not the beauty or craftsmanship. That will cost you an extra 20,000 a year I guess. Hint, the last pic (Cough-sawzall-cough) is where the team at Truvativ shed a tear.

New Digital Media

Watch this video in its entirety...

Now imagine a world where your little chubby digits can flip through pages of digital cycling porn created by Dirt Mag or Decline or Ride BMX. You can turn the lights down low, lite a few candles pour your self a glass of merlot and with your pants around your ankles, manipulate product reviews of new frames and forks, spinning them in 360 and zooming in and out and in and out until... your battery goes dead.

You boys across the pond here us? Drop the pint of warm brew and get to hacking, photo-chop and pdf, linux your way into the new millennium. We want moving pictures, embedded video, 360 views and finger flicking fun of one of our favorite mags. Subscripts will go up at the very least by 1%. This is the ground work for a Dirt US office.

The future is awesome my friend.


CRC Intense M6 EVO Prototype

The internet forums were flooded with photos of the CRC prototype frame. You had better sell your M3 or your M6 or your 951, what are they making now? Check out their site "CRC"

Gracia and Santa Cruz ink deal.

Cedric Gracias racing Brigade is on Santa Cruz for 2010. CG on a VPP with a Boxxer? This is going to be good.


The big Beast of the East

Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon or my personal favorite Snowtorious B.I.G.---Mo Snow Mo Problems.

Tmag East Coast offices have been hit with all the white stuff. They have about 73 inches for the season. More than Whistler and Vancouver. Winter Olympics 2014 in Baltimore!


Bunch a crumbs...

1. So... DH Productions is apparently making a 12 hour bike video. There are a lot of previews with ripper soundtracks and extra tubular cycle tricks piling up on the net... lets just cross our fingers.

2. Santa Cruz Syndicate have just signed with Edge Composite rims. Those super fancy oh so expensive carbon rims, that prepubescent ripper, Mitch Ropelato rode in the World Cups. Here is a pic of Minnaar and his new Edge rims on King hubs.3. Don't steal bikes.4. Fox has something new in one of their sleeves. Leov's bike.5. Douche bag gets his bail revoked after hit and run which killed a cyclist.

New Hayes Prime Brake NSFW?

"Hayes claims their new Prime (to be read Saint look-a-like) disc brake has multiple industry-first technologies designed to re-establish them as the leader in hydraulic brake technology. They have added a new testicle adjustment system on the master cylinder. Just a few simple twists and you will instantly have the nerve to huck yourself into oblivion. Oh yeah it also comes in a 9 inch rotor configuration. (224 MM Rotor?)"

Pixelated photos? Really? if it's not finished why the press release. You make product, you show us pictures, we may or may not drool, we inquire about new knobby/lever/button thing. You inform of us of new "technologies" featured on said product. We decide to buy or fly.

I hear the Saints and Avids are badass... and they are completely visible.


Gettin Swoll!

Now that the damn rathog has seen his shadow were all screwed for another 6 weeks.
So you had better start that indoor training regiment if you have not been already. Pump some iron, do some squats, flex in the mirror. Don't pull a hammy. Race season is around the corner.


Minnaar & Peaty sitting in a tree...

They will be sitting in the same Santa Cruz tree for at least another 3 years. An interview with Steve at Bike Radar revealed the future plans for the two. With all the development and design work that has gone into the V10 we can only speculate as to what it will evolve into. Maybe a single pivot like say the Orange or Honda?

The SUNN team is back.

Cedric Gracia and Anne Caroline-Chausson have inked deals with Sunn bikes for the upcoming season. Cedric has been partnering with several brands in order to run his own program this year entitled CG Racing Brigade. Now if we can pry Lapierre's hands off of Nico we could have a serious flashback. I vote for Myles on Giant in 2010.