New Digital Media

Watch this video in its entirety...

Now imagine a world where your little chubby digits can flip through pages of digital cycling porn created by Dirt Mag or Decline or Ride BMX. You can turn the lights down low, lite a few candles pour your self a glass of merlot and with your pants around your ankles, manipulate product reviews of new frames and forks, spinning them in 360 and zooming in and out and in and out until... your battery goes dead.

You boys across the pond here us? Drop the pint of warm brew and get to hacking, photo-chop and pdf, linux your way into the new millennium. We want moving pictures, embedded video, 360 views and finger flicking fun of one of our favorite mags. Subscripts will go up at the very least by 1%. This is the ground work for a Dirt US office.

The future is awesome my friend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

print is dead! long live print!

2:32 AM  

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