You've had your meat now eat your veggies.

We have been "biking it" quite a bit lately. We have had a good run, Sea Otter certainly gave us some oodles of drool content. But you know here at the TractionMag HQ we are constantly trying to bring you information that we feel is pertinent to the progressive cycling culture lifestyle we boast about.
So we bring you some goodies of a different flavor, consider it mental nutrition.

MUSIC-If you have been looking to reinvigorate that suicide playlist on your iPod, your prayers have been heard. Portishead has a new album soon to be released, titled "Third." Now do not misunderstand me, I love this band and own the first two albums and some non-album tracks. They are not in the habit of squeezing out record after record. Digging on the net will drum up some samples of the new album and it is to be released in the states today. If you are slightly depressed or have a cabinet full of prescription pills you may want to skip over this gem until the cloud passes...

FILM-Yeah I'm a movie guy. Me and reality have not been getting along since Indiana first graced the screen and my love affair with celluloid has subjected my eyes to some great films and a whole lot of garbage. The latest film to really catch my radar is an offering from Barry Jenkins entitled "Medicine for Melancholy." Two hipsters in San Fran trying to find their own identity in a relatively wealthy city with a very clicky underground. Takes the one-night-stand to a whole other level.

700c-In all of the Sea Otter manure that came across our desk one of the more impressive items was only compatible with my track bike. I have been cruising around on a track bike now for about 8 years and still find it pretty damn exciting. The spin definitely helps out on the big bike and negotiating with side views at high speed, help with the mental game when it comes to the holes on Mount Snow. A company by the name of Hive decided to use the annual event to come out of the closet to the bike world. They make some big ass track hubs and very smart SS cranks.

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New 2009 Commencal Mini DH

The news and pictures have been out for some time now about the new Commencal Supreme DH for 2009, in fact we were the first to bring you those pictures here at Tractionmag. Now the new juice is the 2009 Mini DH. Rebadged as the "Supreme" for 2009 it will lose it's DH letters. (thanks Jean) This bike is particularly important to this guy because I have been riding the thing for a few years now and absolutely love it. Sea Otter would be the debut of the new bike and after some digging and searching we finally found some insider pics on the new bike. The Athertons have been riding the bikes for a few weeks now and they are dotted with the new Saint componentry.
The new frame has deep seeded roots in the new DH platform which has a change in shock mount position and stand over clearance. With a shorter, squat swingarm and the new pivot system it will offer much more lateral stability in the rear end. We look to get our hands on a bike stateside in a few months. As for the new DH Supreme they should be in our grubby little hands in a couple of weeks.
Here is a video of Nicholas from Commencal riding the new Mini DH, pardon his french.
Supreme V2 sélectionné dans Sports et VTT

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Old Bigfoot or New Yeti?

Yeti showed off the newest incarnations of the "Rail System" they have incorporated the design into the the 4X frame, geared to be a Slope Style bike. The frame also has the new "Buy 2 Headsets Headtube" we like to call it the B2HH system. They also had a new ASX on hand featuring a revised swingarm design to mate with the new design. The frames should boast a dramtic increase in lateral stability and offer more smoother travel. Some of the ASX's at the Otter were spotted with a new prototype Fox DHX shock. You can see more detailed pics of the science prjects at the newly revamped Yeti site.

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New Bits

By now you should have seen pics of the new Trek Session 88. While it is a nice looking bike what really got us excited was the new Fox 40 top crown with direct mount stem capabilities.
Have not gotten word on its release and the details of it yet. We will keep pushing.
SRAM had a lot of stuff going on. HB was on hand to help MC the introduction of the new Stylo OCT cranks, Elixir brakes, Stylo, Noir and Boobar handlebars. They have a new thru-axle Revelation that has been bumped to 140mm of travel. The Truvativ Direct Mount stem was spotted on all the Syndicate riders downhill bikes. (In the background on the V10) No close-ups as of yet but we should have some info soon.
Hayes has new four piston brakes with the Stroker lever and the company was showing off the new Manitou Dorado, upside down is back. For all you Risse lovers who feel it never really left in the first place, your crazy.



Hill has windows on his head now.

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See Udder

It happened again this year. Lopes really did ride an Ibis. The ground was dry and dusty. Minnaar is fast and versatile. Bryn smashed his chin. CVD is testing his rigs-on-rig setup and its looking good. New offerings from SRAM and more proof that all the laid off NASA employees have gone to work for Yeti. Gee washed his front wheel and couldn't make up the 1.5. He looked good in practice though. Vories scored a well deserved fourth place. Marla Streb got the edge-out from Ms. Atherton. Dainese was there too.

Dave was not the biggest fan of the "Cackle Factor."


Sea Odor

CVD with his Rigs-on rig setup.Gee didn't make it but he is sporting a new helmet, no more Bell.
The ladies were a plenty.
Busted chin for Bryn...not a good endorsement for THE.
Looks like Dainese is fighting for more market share by making the product more available.



2009 Saint Group

Sea Otter will be the debut of the new 2009 Saint Group. It has been revamped quite a bit. Gold accents on all the trinkets and new branding will have the design gods happy. The newly designed rear der. will be able to be attached to any frame, regardless of your axle...thats was screwy and heavy. They have a double ring setup that will be offered in the freeride friendly, 83 shell. The new hubs will be center-lock like the older ones but the center-lock mechanism will be actuated with an X-Type BB tool. The shifter, well it's a shifter...oh thats right. They give you some extra mounting positions. Keep a keen eye on the Cannondale tent at "Ze Otter" I believe they will have the only bike with a full Saint setup. The new Moto maybe or the a Judge? Take pictures and send them to me. Lighter weight, compatibility and new look, I believe that Shimano may have done something right for once.
For those of you offended by that last statement...get a life its the internet.

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Kranked 7 "The Cackle Factor"

You gotta love Bjorn Enga. He is the man behind the Kranked Video Series. We have all seen a Kranked video in our time, right? One of the first major filmers to use true film as opposed to videotape, his flicks had a cinematic quality. His last venture had him utilizing the crispness of HD. His latest installment "The Cackle Factor" pits a "Us vs. Them" theme. "Us" is the group of riders pushing the limits of our wallets and bodies with riding and "them" being the establishment and all the right and wrong that they do. Who is crazier? Of course...them.
The vid will debut at the Sea Otter Classic along with Seasons and F1rst. If you attend the race and gripe about the course you can at least see lots of other great courses on the big screen via all the bike porn. Check out the trailer here.
P.s. The segment of Rennie and I believe Josh Bryceland riding side by side, is not only gay but awesome and badass all at the same time!

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Jurgen calls Weir out!

Jurgen Beneke does not like Mark Weir. He is not the first and will certainly not be the last. He does have the chance to give Mark the big F-You. Mark has been winning the Downieville Classic for quite a while now. Jurgen thinks he can beat Mark this year. We think he can beat Mark this year. Mark is a great athlete and excellent bike handler. Fingers have been crossed and our desire to see Jurgen defeat the facial hair deviant is growing! East Coast pride. Read the full article with gritty emails at Bicycling.com "Jurgen and Mark showdown"

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Commencal On Top

The Maxxis Cup 1# in Gouveia, Portugal turned out to be a great race for Commencal.
1st Gee Atherton
2nd Dan Atherton
3rd Cedric Gracia

1st Rachel Atherton
This is the first stop of the Maxxis Cup Series. With many top riders on hand it gave many in the racing community a chance to stretch their legs and see how all that winter training paid off. Each rider was aboard the new Commencal Supreme DH V2 for 2009 a new take on the existing platform. With a stacked field and wins like this it could be a very interesting year on the World Cup circuit.
Can't forget to mention that Josh Bryceland took the win in Juniors.
Here is a link to the report and full results.

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Free Delivery

There are more and more videos being released these days. Anyone with a decent camera and a sharp eye can capture good footage. Editing that footage into something pleasing to the viewer can be a bit more challenging. "Free Delivery" is able to capture that great footage and put it together in a great package. As the name suggest the movie is completely free, allowing the viewers to download segments or the film in its entirety. It was made possible by the help of E13--Rennen Design Group--Highland Mountain Bike Park.
Lucent Productions is proud to announce the release of Free Delivery, its first full-length feature movie available to audiences worldwide on April 14, 2008 @ freedeliverythemovie.com.

Free Delivery will be available in its entirety at freedeliverythemovie.com, where viewers will be able to watch or download either individual segments or the entire movie at no cost. BNQT.com has partnered with Lucent Productions to feature certain segments of the movie in high-def format. A limited run of hard copy DVDs will also be available at freedeliverythemovie.com.

Event footage includes the 2007 US Open of Mountain Biking, the Portland stop of the Wham Bam Thank You Jam series, the 2007 Sea Otter Classic Downhill and Dual Slalom, and the UCI Mount Ste. Anne World Cup Downhill. Rider profiles include Evil Bikes team riders Seth Lolli and Joey Appleton, Dave and Lee Trumpore, and Dave Smutok.

A two-minute teaser video is now available at freedeliverythemovie.com.

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