Free Delivery

There are more and more videos being released these days. Anyone with a decent camera and a sharp eye can capture good footage. Editing that footage into something pleasing to the viewer can be a bit more challenging. "Free Delivery" is able to capture that great footage and put it together in a great package. As the name suggest the movie is completely free, allowing the viewers to download segments or the film in its entirety. It was made possible by the help of E13--Rennen Design Group--Highland Mountain Bike Park.
Lucent Productions is proud to announce the release of Free Delivery, its first full-length feature movie available to audiences worldwide on April 14, 2008 @ freedeliverythemovie.com.

Free Delivery will be available in its entirety at freedeliverythemovie.com, where viewers will be able to watch or download either individual segments or the entire movie at no cost. BNQT.com has partnered with Lucent Productions to feature certain segments of the movie in high-def format. A limited run of hard copy DVDs will also be available at freedeliverythemovie.com.

Event footage includes the 2007 US Open of Mountain Biking, the Portland stop of the Wham Bam Thank You Jam series, the 2007 Sea Otter Classic Downhill and Dual Slalom, and the UCI Mount Ste. Anne World Cup Downhill. Rider profiles include Evil Bikes team riders Seth Lolli and Joey Appleton, Dave and Lee Trumpore, and Dave Smutok.

A two-minute teaser video is now available at freedeliverythemovie.com.

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