Showa me yours and I will Showa you mine

The once sought after piece of component candy may be just a little bit closer to your hands.
Showa really stepped up when Honda thought to grace us with the RNO1. The upside down fork was eyeballed and drolled after by many racers and riders. With the death of the Honda project we had assumed that Showa fell on their sword. Assumption is the mother of all what? With a secretive approach to all things they do it is no wonder that the forks were spotted on several Japanese racers bikes. Ryo Uchijima's Santa Cruz V10 and Naoki Idegawa's IronHorse Sunday both had the forks outfitted upon them. (Not the rear shocks) The continuation of this testing is still up in the air. The company has yet to release any type of press release or let us in on their intentions. These photos come courtesy of the kind gents at the Bike Spice. Next stop, Dorado!

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OpenID thinkdrastic said...

Are these the same riders who rode for Honda last season?

8:12 AM  

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