As a bike geek, I've got a love hate relationship with cars. I gotta say though, we owe at least some debt of gratitude to existing motorsport platforms of suspension technology that make our bikes work oh so well.
Interesting to remember who's making that big money. Maybe that allows advantages on several fronts of bicycling specific suspension applications?
And the bike that stole the auto show!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We owe the auto for suspension? The bike world is sickly additced to the automobile. Just look at the parking lot of any cycling event large or small. Cars everywhere. And nobody even thinks to look at their car for suspension set up tips...we owe suspension technology to RACING and smart men who want to see things go faster. And it just happened that cars evolved a little quicker than our bicycles.

And hey Bike Geek, what about all the break neck shuttle rides on rutted fire roads we've all experienced at our local DH races? I know you know. Trailer hitches snapping, engines overheating, watching the shuttle drive away just as you've pedaled uphill for five minutes trying to catch it in time. Or your brand spankin new DH sled getting pummeled into dust by the littles grom's '03 Big Hit violently slapping your shiny new steed which is loosely secured in the tinker toy shuttle vehicle. Sound familiar? So I went a little off point but don't you think we owe the automobile a little more than just props for suspension innovation? DH would cease to exist in many parts of the world if it were not for the invention of the shuttle truck...

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