Parenting 101

Is your child a drug addict, does he or she use alcohol? Does your child worship Satan? Is your child a tagger? Well with the help of this new diagram you can certainly be able to figure out the latter. This illustration was released by the Santa Ana Police Department. They are trying to get a handle on all the miscreant graffiti popping up around town. Look carefully and study the diagram, I never knew that I was a tagger. Now I can be honest with myself and my love for hoodies and come clean. Other tips include:

Your child has large quantities of “Hello My Name Is” stickers, priority mail stickers, or number or letter stickers. These stickers may have drawings or a tagging moniker written on them. These stickers are used to “slap tag.” They are slapped upon a surface and are difficult to remove and generally leave a residue.

Your child has or carries a black artist notebook that contains tagging or drawings. These books are called “bibles” or “piece books.”

On a side note, in South Baltimore a "tagger" has orange and black stripes and lives in the jungle.

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