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Avid knows brakes, Sram owns Avid, so now Sram knows brakes. They also know how to keep bike geeks foaming at the mouth with new parts. The 2008 Avid Ultimates will be offered in formal black a crisp white and a "Sid" blue. This will coincide with the new 2009 Sid that will be offered in, you guessed it, "Sid" blue. They are not available as of yet but we are guessing the big release to be around Sea Otter, or as it has become known "Interbike part Deux".
They are pretty clever in the use of color in the componentry. The new "Red" group, the gold accents on the anniversary edition XO der. Galvanized finishes on the new Code brakes as well as Lyrik and Totem forks. Pearl white on the World Cup Boxxer and Reba and mint legs of the Argyle and Domain forks. They have a good design sense and a pretty cohesive brand image. They absorb a brand and make it there own breathing a new life in to it and keep us reaching for our wallets.

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