New Commencal DH for 2009

The chaps at Commencal Owners Club, a portal site created by Real Cycles have posted up some photos of the new Prototype Commencal Supreme DH that will have a release date of 2009. The new frame that has been dipped in Dan Athertons favorite colors will feature a new shock placement and a longer stroke giving the frame approx. 8 inches of travel as opposed to the 7.15 from this past year. The lower, squat swingarm will offer more rigidity and the new downtube mates itself to a new shock shroud that is lower and incorporated into the pivot, bottom bracket assembly. (read as: lower center of gravity that will create excellent turning) Still sports the adjustable headtube and now a wider bottom bracket shell, 83mm will be the new standard for them. If Nick and Max quit arguing in the background maybe they can send out the TractionMag Team frames. We should be getting ours in a few weeks.

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Patience, my son, patience... ;)

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