CarrotTop to ride for Cannondale? You be the judge.

You put enough bird seed out and little birdies will come visit you and sing you sweet, sweet songs. A little hessian bluebird landed on my window sill and sang a tune of USA fast guy Duncan Riffle in the works of inking a deal with Cannondale. If this is true he will not be the replacement for former Cut rider Mick Hannah who decided to take a sabbatical from the race season and sow his Aussie oats. He will be part of a 3 man Euro squad set out to conquer the World Cup venues. I wonder what other sponsors they will pick up? With Cannondales fresh release of that new Moto, a new all mountain rig they will be getting a lot of much needed press. Not to mention of course a previous post of the "Special-Ed" hiring campaign. (Sidenote: Mike Sinyard-Specialized CEO-has been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery from shooting himself in the foot.) Kudos Cannondale keep kickin out the new stuff and signing red heads!


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