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No question that iTunes has changed the way we buy music today. It is also attempting to change the way we buy and view movies and videos. They recently launched a new facet to the program that enables users to download newly released movies and view them on your computer and or TV. The action sports industry has taken note of the advances and decided to jump in. Video Action Sports, who distributes and produces many sports titles including 90 percent of the MTB flicks, is now offering downloads of their popular video catalog. For 2 bucks you can download New World Disorders, Chain Reactions and Eartheds. Quality is high and the ability to toss it onto your iPod or other gadget will make those airport delays and road trips a little bit more enjoyable.

Video podcasts are another great way to get lost of new bike footage for free. The Atherton’s have a regular Commencal Animal podcast highlighting past races and ride sessions. Big names like Yeti, Norco, DC, Etnies, Charge Bikes, We The People and Square One are all apart of the podcast revolution. Log on!

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