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The newest Atherton Podcast has got some great footage of the recently demolished, Hidden Valley Trails. There is a stunning crash from the whiptastic J.D. Swanguen, hard crash with a lights out ending. The podcast follows the Brits move to SoCal to train for the upcoming 2008 season and gives us a taste for little Rachel Athertons improved dirt jumping skills. Most importantly it reminds us that these "kids" have got quite an opportunity on their hands. If you don't currently subscribe to the podcasts, you should. You can grab it from their website. Hell, it's free. Log on, get itunes and rock out with your...

The newly released BOS Suspension Promo features Nico Vouilloz and Fabien Pedemanaud riding the new squishy parts. Fabien is still riding his Commencal from last season in the video. (He has the 888 carts in this video) His new Morewood has got all the goodies from BOS attached. BOS is really making a presence and many riders from Europe will be using the "Stoy Shock" and "Idyll Fork" this season.
BOS Website
There is a detailed review on the Austalian site, Farkin.net. It's a pretty interesting read.

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