Us and Them

Good guy, Rich Wilson sent us over some info on the new BMX flick entitled "Us and Them" The video is superbly shot and edited, displaying some clever angles and tricks wrapped in an exquisitely designed package. Trials star Eddie Tongue makes himself seen for a part and monster rider Javier Ortega has one of the more memorable sections shot in Spain.  The trailer is littered with some gnarly crashes and if that is any kind of hint as to the trickery that is attempted, it will be a blast to watch.

Other junk brought to our attention, Atomic Zombie by is an outfit that knows how to go to far. 

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East Coast Mentality?

G2 is to LG1 as RPM is to MRP

You got to hand it to the guys at E.13, a few posts back "Jeru" made a bit of a statement about "Imitation being the highest form of..." Well we see your G2 and raise you RPM, the new color way that is very reminiscent of that company, with the three initials that made those chain thingys and they came in that very visible and highly recognizable color. Love it. They may not have made the connection but we did. The connection may be totally false but wheres the fun in that?

e.thirteen is proud to announce the release of their third edition of the Limited Colorways product. Limited Colorways product has been turning heads around the world for the past year, and this next colorway is sure to catch the attention of everyone.

The newest Limited Colorways color will be "RPM Orange," and the chain devices will be released worldwide through the e.thirteen distribution channels on February 29, 2008. A limited number of chain retention systems will be sent to each distributor worldwide, and once each distributor sells out of the Limited Colorways, the color will no longer be available.

The RPM Orange chain devices will be offered only in the LG-1 model, with e.thirteen's worldwide patent pending direct-mount ™ bashguard technology. To accentuate the classic look of this colorway, its backplate is bright silver in color, with RPM Orange sliders.

Distributors are already taking orders, so run down to your local bike shop and pre-order your favorite e.thirteen chain retention system in the RPM Orange Limited Colorways color.

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New Commencal DH for 2009

The chaps at Commencal Owners Club, a portal site created by Real Cycles have posted up some photos of the new Prototype Commencal Supreme DH that will have a release date of 2009. The new frame that has been dipped in Dan Athertons favorite colors will feature a new shock placement and a longer stroke giving the frame approx. 8 inches of travel as opposed to the 7.15 from this past year. The lower, squat swingarm will offer more rigidity and the new downtube mates itself to a new shock shroud that is lower and incorporated into the pivot, bottom bracket assembly. (read as: lower center of gravity that will create excellent turning) Still sports the adjustable headtube and now a wider bottom bracket shell, 83mm will be the new standard for them. If Nick and Max quit arguing in the background maybe they can send out the TractionMag Team frames. We should be getting ours in a few weeks.

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Lopes on Ibis for 2008

It has just been announced that Brian Lopes will be riding for Ibis this upcoming season. Yes, thats right Ibis. Insiders at Ibis say they have been working with him to help develop the brand in the race market. They look forward to working with him and having his years of experience on hand. Will they make a BL signature bike? They have been utilizing the DW-Link on their frames and it will certainly be interesting to see Brian riding a new bike, specially one that has connotations of being a light weight, high end, boutique brand. 

In the intelligent words of DS  "Ohhhh man."

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Imitation is the highest from of...

MRP will be releasing there new fangled chainguide at CrankWorx, named the “G2”


I am constantly amazed at all the companies that produce some of the most innovative and advanced products available. They burn the midnight oil to solve some of the more pressing issues that we encounter on these bikes of ours. The chainguide in particular has come along way. Many companies have come and gone and our jaded memories are filled with these products. The spotlight and focus has shifted from company to company, AC, Mr. Dirt, MRP, E13 and Gamut are a few of those popular names. Lets face it as new products are devised and created many companies are quick to jump on the wave of success of a competitor and rake in some profits for themselves, such is business. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery? That’s what they say at least.
There is no question that in the pursuit of building the most efficient component possible engineers are bound to travel down the same path and that each answer to the problem will at times be very similar. One brand will adopt characteristics of another brands solution, which can be seen as a polite nod to the fellow engineer and or designer. That is an ever-fine line that gets crossed quite often. Enter patent law, a quagmire of the kings English that only the most seasoned esquire can decipher. He also charges by the hour, making the pursuit of justice an expensive one. So I ask, when have they gone too far?

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Kovarik wins again, Memmelaar scoops up 2nd!!!!

Got this press release from Nigel Page concerning Kovariks crazy winning streak in Cali.
The most impressive thing about it, Beast of the East Jay Memmelaar getting second taking out Warren and Dave K. We have been keeping a keen eye on Jay and we here at Tractionmag are super pumped on the 2nd place finish. Keep pinning it Jay!
Fontana Winter Series #4 DH
Chris Kovarik keeps his win streak alive by crushing the competition by over 8 seconds! This was the first time Chris was on his new Chain Reaction Blue Intense M6 with all the teams sponsors parts. The new bike seems to be even faster! Nice one Chris.

1. Chris Kovarik - 00:02:33.93

2. Jason Memmelaar!!!!!!- 00:02:42.07

3. Cody Warren - 00:02:43.54

4. David Klaassenvanoorschot - 00:02:44.80

5. Waylon Smith - 00:02:45.03

Nigel Page
Team Manager - ChainReactionCycles/Intense

Chain Reaction Cycles • Intense Cycles • Black Market Bikes
Mantou • Hayes • Maxxis • Sun-Ringlé • CaneCreek
Royal Racing • SixSixOne • THE • RaceFace • SDG • e13
Winter&Summer • Pedros • Burgtec • High Five

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CarrotTop to ride for Cannondale? You be the judge.

You put enough bird seed out and little birdies will come visit you and sing you sweet, sweet songs. A little hessian bluebird landed on my window sill and sang a tune of USA fast guy Duncan Riffle in the works of inking a deal with Cannondale. If this is true he will not be the replacement for former Cut rider Mick Hannah who decided to take a sabbatical from the race season and sow his Aussie oats. He will be part of a 3 man Euro squad set out to conquer the World Cup venues. I wonder what other sponsors they will pick up? With Cannondales fresh release of that new Moto, a new all mountain rig they will be getting a lot of much needed press. Not to mention of course a previous post of the "Special-Ed" hiring campaign. (Sidenote: Mike Sinyard-Specialized CEO-has been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery from shooting himself in the foot.) Kudos Cannondale keep kickin out the new stuff and signing red heads!


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Brooklyn keep'in it fresh!

The Brooklyn Machine Works cats have been hard at work lately. They are working on a new DH bike based off of the newly popular SR6 platform. The prototype is still in the testing phase as we speak, no time frame as of yet on a release date, if there is one. These pics come courtesy of our favorite british double agent Ged the Head. Thanks Ged.

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Seasons from the Collective.

Seasons is the latest installment from The Collective. Featuring riding from Shandro, Peat, McCaul, Smith, Berrecloth and Vanderham. It will highlight many different riding styles in many different locations. The fact that they will be showcasing Steve Peats World Cup race footage has got us at the edge of our seats. If the New World Disorder series is the equivalent of the summer blockbuster than the Collective would be the sweet Hallmark special.  

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Bike Wars

It seems as if Specialized is in the market for some new blood. The yanks at Cannondale aren't having it. There immediate response had some bite but the more thought out, public response is sweetly sinister. Check out the cold sting here.
"Paging Mr. Sinyard to the HR department, Mr. Sinyard to HR..."

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Fairclough Transcends...

Frasier Britton has a great eye. He is the mastermind behind Transcend Magazine and is known for supplying us layman with great pictures from most of the World Cup Circuit.
He was on hand recently in Chile snappin away at Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2008 Street race. He grabbed some nice pics of Brendan Fairclough aboard his new IronHorse Sunday and in the new TLD race kit. Take a gander and Transcend and see what Frasier has been up to.

Friends across the pond and fine makers of pedals, hubs and bars know as Burgtec have launched a new site. Some spy shots of a new carbon post are floating around on the site and currently details are scarce as far as a release date. The pedals are the cats meow and the new stems and bars will sure to have you drooling. With a stacked line up of riders you are sure to be seeing more of this brand in the future!

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Kovarik back on a Dorado, sweet memories...

Chain Reaction Cycles has received their new 2008 Intense M6 race bikes. Kovarik will be profiling some new kit on his race bike such as Race Face, Maxxis, Hayes and the new Manitou Dorado to be released in 2009.  Thanks Nigel. Now watch Kovarik 360 on Litter!

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Kovarik to be tested for HGH

Just kidding about the hormones. He won with pure kangaroo power!
This press release from Nigel Page.
Chris Kovarik took the win and the money again at the 3rd Fontana winter series today. The conditions were back to the usual dry and dusty terrain usually found at Fontana. Even with a bobble entering the rock garden and missing the fastest line through Chris was able to take the win mainly due to his corner speed which was visibly much faster than the rest of the field as you watched them coming down a large percentage of the course.

The Fontana put on another great winter event keeping all the racers happy and also providing the pros with some nice big cheques.

Chris Kovarik 1:47.64
Aaron Gwin 1:49.35
Waylon Smith 1:49.50
Ian Odom 1:49.51
Ryan Condrashoff 1:50.12

Claire Buchar 2:02.60
Katrina Strand 2:10.58
Gabriela Williams 2:14.33
Lauren Peterson 2:14.58
Jenna Kowalski 2:16.84

Nigel Page

Here is Chris's new Chain Reaction Cycles paint job.

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Two Wheeled Podcasts

No question that iTunes has changed the way we buy music today. It is also attempting to change the way we buy and view movies and videos. They recently launched a new facet to the program that enables users to download newly released movies and view them on your computer and or TV. The action sports industry has taken note of the advances and decided to jump in. Video Action Sports, who distributes and produces many sports titles including 90 percent of the MTB flicks, is now offering downloads of their popular video catalog. For 2 bucks you can download New World Disorders, Chain Reactions and Eartheds. Quality is high and the ability to toss it onto your iPod or other gadget will make those airport delays and road trips a little bit more enjoyable.

Video podcasts are another great way to get lost of new bike footage for free. The Atherton’s have a regular Commencal Animal podcast highlighting past races and ride sessions. Big names like Yeti, Norco, DC, Etnies, Charge Bikes, We The People and Square One are all apart of the podcast revolution. Log on!

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Andy inks deal with the Devil...

More like "El Diablo"
BROOKLYN, N.Y., February 4, 2008/ PRNewswire-FirstCall/-- NYCFR LTD. is very pleased to announce an exclusive product sponsorship of Diablo Freeride Park for the 2008season.
As part of this agreement, NYCFR LTD. will be manufacturing a limited edition run of custom Glory Hole Pedals produced exclusively for the park.
The “Diablo” Glory Hole pedal will feature a custom logo and color scheme and will be available to purchase exclusively at Diablo Freeride Park. In addition, the custom NYCFreeride “Diablo” Glory Hole pedal will be offered as prizes as the exclusive pedal of the 2008 U.S. Open of Mountain Biking and the 2008 Diablo Domination Series. “As the most-visited park in the east, Diablo Freeride Park is the perfect venue for NYCFreeride to showcase our products as we embark on a new phase of product development”, said Andrew Grossi, NYCFreeride General Manager. “Diablo Freeride Park plays host to several high-profile events and will provide us with product exposure benefits that are second to none.”
NYCFR LTD. is known throughout the industry for producing not only artistic bike components but also cutting edge designs with bomb proof durability, Just as bikers continue to push the limits of riding in competition and for leisure beyond the limits, we at NYCFR LTD. aim to provide the industry with top quality components built to handle the extreme limits of technology and complete function. We are a rider owned and operated Brooklyn NYC based company who manufactures our own components that are built with pride, and although we want our influence to be felt worldwide, our focus is to help support and shape the east coast scene. We also want to help and support others who share these same goals. Without loosing sight of our small beginnings, with hard work, and competent design principles, we plan to take what started out as a passion for bicycling and evolve into a significant influence in the mountain bike and BMX arena.
NYCFR LTD. is also proud to announce that we relocated into a new state of the Art facility that houses an entire line of new CNC machining equipment which has allowed us to keep all of our manufacturing in house and most importantly keeping production in NYC. We are working on an exciting new line of components currently in development. While we continue to produce our current product line, our company is known for manufacturing the most durable pedals you will ever use, every component is built to the highest manufacturing standards with the most state of the art materials available.
NYC Freeride- Official Pedal of Diablo Freeride Park

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Sheldon Brown

Some sad news brought to our attention. Sheldon Brown passed away on February 3rd of a heart attack brought on by his fight with multiple sclerosis. Sheldon Brown was a proficient mechanic a collector of bicycle data and all around bicycle guru.

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That term is borrowed from friend and fellow rider Mr. Slater. That is what has been going on here at the TractionMag head offices. We have our fingers in a lot of different pie and during the winter work takes over. A lot of things have been happening in the world of bike. We will not remind you of all these things.

We have some new writers that will be joining us. More art and music will grace the screen. The race team will be receiving the new prototype Commencals in the next few weeks, so expect reviews and detailed pictures. Race schedules are being posted for the upcoming season and travel plans are being made. Friends have been on the move Dave Smith broke up with Scott and is now with Dale. It is worth mentioning that Dale has been sold to Pacific.
Photo superstar Damian Breach will be a permanent resident of his Aussie homeland this year. Hopefully this does not drop the luscious coverage of the Great East Coast in all the MTB print mags.

Red Bull Rampage might be back for 2008 with funding from Freeride Entertainment.
This conjures memories of Minaar in blue jeans clipped in to his Global Orange!

Check back, I promise we will be here feeding your lifeless soul with garbage.