Good video good song.

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.


Trials/Street Vid


Post Office Jump Jam

J.D. Swanguen is a man of many words. Though he is a man of few words, when it comes to self promotion. The kid has got "styles for miles." After the restructuring of the MS Racing squad J.D. found himself looking for a new ride. Leave it to this kid to not let that stop him, he was charging at the Otter in slalom and downhill. In the paddock he was doing his best

D. Bermshot was out on location in Cali after just returning from a excursion to the "Sea Otter Classic" He was able to grab some images from the days event. J.D. was in true form as he was graciously heckled from his compatriots “Maybe there’s a finish line over there?”


Post Office Jam

Going down right meow. It's disgustingly hot out, but young children have plenty of energy to boost the hip, even in glaring sun; Kyle Jameson demonstrates.

Sea Odor

This guy has a "job" after a year without.

This guy desperately needs a "job".
This guy has some "job" security.


Ken Block

Some behind the scenes footage. I'm busy so here is a video, stop complaining and watch it.


Cannondale breaks up with USA

Its been going on for sometime. They had been fighting, one claiming the other "wasn't listening." Its for the better. They will find new relationships and can work on their people skills.

Cannondal Closes USA Production (LINK)