Tid bits and leftovers...

The Santa Cruz Syndicate got a new website last week. The site gives an indepth look at the riders and crew that keep that team on the podium. FYI the pic is fron the "Roskopp Series" of skateboards by Jim Phillips, check yo self!

Previous Manitou rider Aaron Chase, was seen at the Otter with new front suspension from Fox Shox. He's got himself a chopped 32 mounted to the front of his new 2008 Chase Bike that has a killer Van Halen inspired paintjob. LitterMag has a detailed account of the bike and all of its top secret parts.

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Myles Rockwell

Is awesome.
I had the pleasure of sharing a flight with the man from Salt Lake to Monterey. He was willing to entertain my curiosity surrounding 90's DH racing for a good chunk of the flight, which I enjoyed completely.
Myles had two gigs running at Sea Otter this year. The first, which he seemed really psyched on, was coaching a kid who's racing DH. (Imagine Myles meeting you at the top to walk the track–when you're 19...) The coaching thing is cool, he wants it to be one on one, as opposed to the 'camp' style offered by the other guys. He broke it down along the lines of 'one rider at a time, stay at my house, ride my trails with me.'
Sounds pretty good, eh?
His second gig involved something Cannondale was doing about the history of suspension–which may have just been Doug Dalton pulling a few bikes out of the garage. Considering the caliber of riders piloting those bikes though, I'd have to say that display was pretty poignant.
Myles couldn't be a more down to earth fellow, especially considering the man's unmatched accomplishments in American downhill racing.
And yes, he's still riding that same Giant. (I HAD to confirm that one.)


Speaking of new bikes...

Jeff Steber has been hard at work pumping out the new M5 DH bike. This pic came off of the MS Racing website.

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Litters got the goods.

The boys at LitterMag have good some great pics of Matt Thompsons prototype Santa Cruz V10. The bike has certainly gone on a diet with a more refined and slimmed monocoque section, cleaner carbon linkages and a smoother axle der. hanger area. You will have to wait till next year if you want to own one yourself.

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Sea Otter is going to be nuts!

Well at least the invitational "Furry Fury" jump contest.

Look out for some goon taking pictures who resembles Dave Smith.

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Manitou sends out the pink slips.

The latest word around the campfire is Manitou has released all sponsored athletes. With the exception of Cam McCaul the Intense/MS Racing team and the Merida/Multivan Team. It appears that the Hayes acquisition of Manitou has been streamlined quite a bit. First was news that there will be no OEM forks manufactured in the new line, high end only. Second, that all forks will be made here, stateside. And now, a drastically reduced sponsorship program. Bearclaw is rumored to be moving to Fox and there is word that Chase may wander to Marzocchi. Too bad Kovarik did not get dropped, he may have been able to find a fork that works and not have to carry all those spare parts around in his pocket.

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The Sunn is rising.

Click on the pics for abetter view and some extra info.

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