I give in.

After checking to make sure my post worked I thought to myself–self: You probably don't care about Zap, and just want to see riders, right? Fine.

Hangtucky, USA

Also known as Prairie City... (Johnny Cash!)


Ye Olde Rig

I used to crash, er, ride on this bike. I had it for about five years. Each year took a measurable toll on it. I suspect it actually got lighter as more material was removed from it over the years. Not to say this is the one that got away, rather, I'm happy to say I've crawled away from that wreckage.


Sam Hill wide open!

Sam Hill wins the 2009 US Open, Gee Atherton in second and Brendan Fairclough with third.
The winning time was 2:30.11. More info as it becomes available.


Hill wins crash contest; Peat wins a Nico surpassing Cup

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Everything Awesome Has Already Happened


Moar Strongarming

Shepard Legstrong


Specialized's full compression.

I know we have all seen lots of footage for this race in South Africa. About one third into the video watch and listen for the full compression, Sam landing it flat. "Limited lifetime warranty?"