A great article written about a man that had alot of problems, "Crazy" Mike was our fixture of the Fells Point area. I have spent many days listening to his banter, wacthing the "circus" which is Mike. Deep down any one that spent any time with him knew him to be a good person. I have so many stories about Mike that I get to keep with me, I certainly learned alot about him and about myself. Read the article in the link and remember your life isn't as bad as sometimes you may think.


Thank you "CapnSlax"

Sneaky Sneaky

Morewood is a South African bike company. They build some nice single pivot bikes all aptly given South African names. Richard Beytagh, a South African himself, imports them to the U.S., Richard has done a superb job bringing in high quality bikes and making a mark on the North American race circuit. Son Geritt Beyatgh is one of the top competitors in the men’s Pro-Class of Downhill. The bikes are housed in North Carolina, which makes perfect sense of the relationship they have with Cane Creek components and the new Industry Nine wheel company. Simple in design and with a price tag that would make any jealous wife smile these are sure to become a popular choice with the racer on a budget. The new prototype DH bike has seen quite a big diet, with full race rigs around 38lbs. They have lightened up the front end a bit and really reduced the rear end. Visually the swing arm is a tad bit thinner than the current model Izimu DH but I think these guys have a good idea what they are looking for. If all goes well these are sure to be World Cup contenders.

While perusing NSMB.com I stumbled upon this. Brandon Sloan, who is Specialized Bikes product manager, has been spotted up north testing a new 7-inch Demo bike. The new bike, as pictured above will sport a 1.5 head tube and a curved down tube. Sloans bike is reported to weigh in the ballpark of 37lbs without cutting corners. Well see what 2007 has to hold for the Specialized line. They are reported to continue the Demo8 for race applications and have the new 7 geared for the freeride contingency. Also in the pic is the new 7-inch RockShox single crown "Totem". Brandon has proven himself with the Demo line so far; he was definitely paying attention in science class.

They call me "Juicy"


In their quest to make us desire things we cannot afford, Avid has released a new disc brake. Debuting at the Sea Otter Classic this year the new Avid Juicy Ultimate is geared towards the high priced, low weight, XC market. The new brake features a smaller streamlined look, Ti hardware and a magnesium lever body. "Juicy" and "Ultimate" are adjectives that these brakes deserve.


cutting edge

I am constantly amazed at the quality of artwork over the past twenty years; it seems to be growing exponentially. There have always been great artists but the artwork that I am speaking of is so ingrained into the skate, bike, and hiphop, do-it-yourself community. It feels as if it 'leaks' out, that the lifestyle is busting at the seams. I am glad to be standing in the puddle. Some superb art coming out of these two. They are in the new revolution of art.
They Hate My Design ---- Plastic Kid

On a trip to Whistler, British Columbia last year, I came across this confectionary delight. Quite blatant in its message but the bold delivery just seems to work. Seems to be more of an American message.

Ink in the skin.

There are some bad ones out there. You can't be blind to the fact that some people have horrible taste. Tattoos are permanent, some what, and when you combine that bad taste with peer pressure you get yourself the worst case of "bad after taste" you ever thought imaginable. I have seen some good ones though, this one pictured was found while perusing the 'www'. Certainly original. I have to admit, the best 'original' one I have heard of was a cat that got Simon and Garfunkel on his shoulder, S&G are towering over a small city with laser beams coming out of their eyes burning up little Japanese people running through the streets. No lie. Godzilla meets Music Americana. I love it!


All the playas in da house say Brooklyn!

What is the price of happiness? Well, for one of our team riders the price is pretty high. Ned has been lucky enough to scrape together this new ride for the next few seasons. A Brooklyn Race Link, SRAM drive train, Profiles, Marzocchi 888 fork with the new 999 Mojo Internals, Magura Discs and Hadley hubs laced to Mavic 729 rims. This bike is unstoppable! It runs really quiet, which is surprising as appears to be several chainsaws screwed together. It offers a solid ride and will now be known as "Dumbo 's Magic Feather".

In other news "The Collective" can be found on APPLE's SITE discussing the behind the scenes filmaking of their latest installment "Roam". It gives an indepth look at the motivations of the guys behind the camera and what tools are used to implement that vision. ROAM


The right tool for the job...

Such a widely used phrase. But boy does it make sense, all that fighting with vise grips and a dremel. When you have the right tool for the job, a smile cracks from your determined face. The smile is also present the day that new part just fits ever so perfectly on your ever ready ride. The right tool and the right part may make your day that much sunnier. Take the time to do the research and buy those ever so necessary tools, they are worth their weight in gold. Trust me.

Yeti Sighting

Some one spent some loot! After the past racing seasons and the blow-up of some of the team riders such as Jared Graves and Jill Kintner, Yeti has revamped their website. The new sites offers in depth looks into the bikes and the people that pilot them. Take it for a spin...



Interbike Vegas 2007

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Life on Two Wheels

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Massanutten 08

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The Fox is out of the bag.

The gents at singletrackworld.com have released new pictures of the 2007 Fox line up. New size stanchions, color options and better graphics have injected some new energy into the line. Not to mention the return of the Vanilla rear shock, check out the goods.