We are back!

Don't give me that. Why are you so surprised? Consider us similar to the 17 year cicada that will wreak havoc on the East Coast this summer. We lie dormant and wait for the right opportunity to come out from under our rock and say honest and bold things about the bicycle industry; not limited to new product, racing, trends and basic rumors. The HQ is buzzing, coffee is on and the dial up is dialing.

There’s a lot to cover while we have been on hiatus, leaving the bicycle industry lost without our guidance and thoughtful commentary. We have 11 gears now! Wheels got bigger to help us solve the age old problem of riding down rocky trails! Thank god for science. They are figuring it out and we are figuring it out.

We’re stretching and getting mentally fit to nourish you with the salty sustenance of sarcasm and honest opinions. Namaste. There’s not a lot of time before you get even fatter and more complacent, so strap in, charge up, and get ready for Brood II of TractionMag.

Ride Bikes!


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