Honda Bike spotted in Colorado.

Seems like we took a trip back in time. I thought that all of these things met their fate with a compactor?

Dirt has some more images through this link!

Looks like the old one to me but...

Here is a quote from the pic snapper:
"Check this out. Yesterday I was downhilling at the Keystone bike park in Colorado and a big Honda bus pulled in and started setting up. A few hours later a Tomac truck pulled in. The Honda guys unloaded what looked like a new version of the Honda bike that Greg Minnaar rode in the World Cups. Three of them spent the rest of the day riding the bike at the park. Is it possible that we could see the Honda bike finally come to market with Tomac badging? The bike looks almost production ready, with a really finished looking gear box and a more developed frame. It still looks cooler than any DH bike I have ever seen!"


Loving technology right now.


Rossi gets his lean on.

New gyroscopic on-board camera gives us a rare angle.

Choose your own adventure...



Circulus from machine project on Vimeo.


Scrapertown, what what?!

Scrapertown from California is a place. on Vimeo.


2011 Trek Session 88 DH

New downtube armor, integrated fork bumpers, new hydro-forming and more graphic design.

Look at the post below and tell me there was no hanky panky going on between their parents.


Kona merges with Trek.

Then the mother company split 20 minutes later, with each company going its separate way. Before the split they consummated the merger and this DH bike was born. One of the better looking DH bikes to come from the flip flop wearing hippies from the north. The first two sentences are a lie, so stop freaking out.

Its called the Operator. Lost connection... Busy signal...


1899. Yep.

Worth watching to the end, there's a full loop ramp with a trap door entrance. That's all I have to say: