BootLeg Canyon Video

Some interesting editing.

"BOOTLEG" Preview from Andrew Waldron on Vimeo.


Shimano "Pro" Components

If you have seen the video posted below you will here Gee mention that they will be rockin the new Shimano/Atherton component spec. The "Pro" line will feature bars, stem, seat and seatpost.
They are still currently using the Sunline direct mount in this photo. They have also moved to Shimano pedals as opposed to Crankbros. Do I spy Continental DH tires?

Gee Atherton Bike Check

Gee Atherton Bike Check from Litter Mag on Vimeo.


Animal Commencal Kit

LitterMag has the inside scoop on the Animal Commencal Team kit for 2009. Kudos for the Litter crew and Sven for bringing us the juicy tidbits. Check their link for a bigger pic.

Evil has been introduced.

The team is Filip Polc, Matti Lehikoinen and Steve-O Smith. They have partnered up with MS-Racing to hopefully deliver a knockout team for 2009. More info at Evil Bikes


Teaser photos of new bike

Bishop has completed the frame, the fork will be done soon.
Tricks are up the sleeve.

Lance Armstrong defeats the Devil!

Even with only one testical he still can defeat Lucifer.


On This Day in History

photo: Corbis

This Day in History. In 1818 a patent was issued for what looks to be the first foray into the bicycle world. A patent that Specialized does not own. DH is right around he corner.

Thanks Nick for the heads up.

Maybe when Nick gets his website alive again I can link to it...Hint?

Tour 'o Hippies?

Levi wins in Santa Cruz; so can you!


"That's It, Thats's All"

It's cold out what do you expect me to post.

The Red Bull helicopter is pretty cherry.

R.I.P. Jeremy Lusk

METAL MULISHA member and FMX star Jeremy Lusk died as a result of injuries he sustained while competing in the X-Nights event in Costa Rica.


Shepard has been BUSTED!

Read about it here.


Chop it up!

The coolest GT I have seen in a long time.


I've had these floating around on myPhone for some time now. Without further adieu:


Motorist, you better watch yourself. AKA: Poking the Bear.

RecordPlayer had an interesting piece on some new bar-ends that are sure to get you run over. We don't recommend picking on people that drive huge cars in close proximity to you and your pedal machine. If you find yourself the victim of some idiots actions the finger and or fist are good ole stand-bys.

Remember...Safety First


Blenkinsop Video

Nice video of Sam B. from the VORB site. Video is great, music...not so much.