Sam Hill's crash at Maribor.

Certainly would have taken the top podium if he held together in the turn. "I put special tires on your car, Cole."


e13 and Hive join forces.

Thank god, these two great companies will only become better. Check out the site!


Erockit Pedal Bike Motard Thingy

This thing is half stupid, half awesome... just not sure which half is which.


Armstrong eats $h!t

Cruising in the Tour of California he took a tumble. Stitches in the elbow and eye but he will prolly be fine. Landis earlier in the day accused Armstrong of doping again. If he has, he will most likely never get caught.


Demo Carbon?

It's been floating around the net for a handful of hours.



Super fun to do, shoot photos of, talk about, think about, build, and destroy.


Fabien Barel Breaks his Femur...

He under went surgery yesterday and had a pin placed to hold the bone. Hes is slated to make a recovery in 12 weeks.


Told you so...

Thanks for the images and link Dirt.Carbon V 10 Testing