Bishop Bikes "Max Road Frame"

At it again...

Be sure to check out Bishop Bikes at this weekends Philadelphia Bike Expo as well as the upcoming Life Cycles Premier in Baltimore, Md.

More frame pics HERE.


Redbull Rampage is coming... to dvd.

More Mountain Biking Videos


(Insert more moto sounds here)

Clink the link to see more and read some. LINK!


I want that.

shinya kimura @ chabott engineering from Henrik Hansen on Vimeo.


Vegas keeps its stranglehold upon Interbike!

The "Little Person" and the "Lady of the Night" (to be read-midget & hooker) are excited because Interbike has decided to keep the show in Sin City and not Anaheim as initially proposed. As excited as we were to all visit the home of Mickey, I would much rather have the show in a city filled with drunks and prostitutes. Lets face it they are about as entertaining and wallet thinning as the Mouse and his gang. So there you have it. Book your tickets now and get ready to have your patience tested yet again in Vegas.
I hear that Rehab may still be going on... losers.

"You ride bike like an idiot!"

Cracked Trek Session 88, thank goodness for the lifetime warranty.

Art Crank in SF!

Art Crank returns to our neighbors in San Francisco on Friday October 22nd. The show will be up at the Chrome Store. You can bet our Northern Cali editor will be on site with his very own design and reporting on all the art. If you are in the area, drop in and take a looksy.
Dusty Bermshot... we love you. We will talk to you very soon.


Chasing Legends. A premier on Thursday 10.14.10 by local production company Gripped Films. Some of the helmet camera shots from the handlebars look fantastic. ALSO! keep an eye out for the truly mesmerizing premier of Life Cycles TBA!

Splash Down


Are you a maniac?

The 1985 Alenax TRB-5000 is not the name of Soviet rocket more so the name and model of this crazy ass bike. We caught a glimpse of this beast while at the World Cup in New Yawk. Prolly boasting the same technological advances as a Soviet rocket this thing was for sale by someone who made a bad decision long ago. It was in relatively good shape for a bike this old, but when you own something that is a pain in the ass to use it really never gets a chance to wear down. Those are some long crank arms, not wrenches and if you are a lover of the movie Flashdance then you can "I'm a maniac, maniac" your way down your local trails. (funny that Flashdance was released in 83 so it only took the guy 2 years and a bucket load of bad judgment to build the TRB-5000). Rock on playa. More info on this bad invention HERE.


Chris Van Dine Helmet Cam Footage!

You just gotta love Chris Van Dine. His pleasant demeanor and all around positive outlook keeps him in the limelight. Glad to see an East Coast native mixing it up with the other guys. Contour has some videos up of athletes hucking themselves into oblivion, check it out.

Hootin' and hollerin' all the way down.

Whoa man! Almost dropped off that edge!

6 pointer?

Yup. He had better have a good stash of DEER NUTS to get him through this stage.

Blk Mrkt Roam

Check out the info sheet for more details. ROAM!


Redbull Rampage Finals

Cam Zink takes the win with a completed 360 off of the Oakley Icon Tiki shed thingy. Gee was in second with an absolutely pinned run, and the only rider to nail the hip to quarter feature. Darren Berrecloth dropping into third with a smooth second run. Big shout out to the racers in the contest for really showing the skill set obtained from competition.

1st - (89.20) Cameron Zink, 24, USA, Corsair Bikes (SO SICK ZINK!!!)
2nd - (82.40) Gee Atherton, 25, UK, Commencal Bikes
3rd - (81.20) Darren Berrecloth, 28, Canada, Specialized Bikes
4th - (79.00) Andreu Lacondeguy, 21, Spain, Mondraker Bikes
5th - (77.20) Geoff Gulevich, 23, Canada, Rocky Mountain
6th - (76.60) Thomas Vanderham, 26, Canada, Evil Bikes
7th - (76.00) Robbie Bourdon, 24, Canada, Intense Bikes
8th - (75.60) Kyle Strait, 23, USA, Pivot Bikes
9th - (74.80) Logan Binggeli, 21, USA, KHS Bikes
10th - (73.00) Kurt Sorge, 21, Canada, Giant Bikes
11 th - (72.20) Alex Prochazka, 19, Canada, Commencal Bikes
12 th - (71.80) Tyler McCaul, 20, USA, GT Bikes
13 th - (71.00) Graham Agassiz, 20, Canada, Kona Bikes
14 th - (68.80) Cedric Gracia, 32, France, Santa Cruz Bikes
15 th - (64.20) Michal Marosi, 32, Czech, KTM Bikes
16 th - (63.80) Jamie Goldman, 24, USA, Santa Cruz Bikes
17 th - (54.60) Greg Watts, 23, USA, Haro Bikes
DNF - James Doerfling, 24, Canada, Knolly Bikes
DNF - Mike Hopkins, 24, Canada, Independent
DNF - Curtis Robinson, 21, Canada, Knolly Bikes
DNF - Chris VanDine, 29, USA, Cannondale Bikes


Redbull Rampage top 10 qualifiers

Newly qualified riders:
Logan Binggeli
Alex Pro
Chris Van Dine
Geoff Gulevich
Tyler McCaul
Greg Watts
Andreu Lacondeguy
Jamie Goldman
James Doerfling

Cool enough to have been pre-qualified:
Cameron Zink
Cedric Gracia
Darren Berrecloth
Gee Atherton
Graham Agassiz
Kurt Sorge
Kyle Strait
Michal Marosi
Mike Hopkins
Robbie Bourdon
Thomas Vanderham


The future is not here...

Todays concept bike could be tomorrows hunk of shit. Fingers crossed.
The Star Wars looking bike (Helo) looks uncomfortable. The Urban CC just looks like a GT Fury. Imagine tripling the big set with your light on! Design Boom has some images from entries in the 2010 Seoul Cycle Design. Some promising stuff and some horrifying conceptions. Can't help but thinking that a number of these designs come from people who do not avidly ride a bicycle. At least they are trying? Seriously that is a question.

Redbull Rampage is looking crazy!

Redbull Rampage is looking ridiculous this year. Huge gaps and massive speed is going to make this a "fuck-all" kind of event. The pic below shows Logan B. and his 30 brothers dropping the Oakley tiki hut thingy. Tune in this Sunday and watch the event on your computer. sidenote: Redbull is shooting this thing in 3d using that crazy Avatar camera setup. Cha-Ching! Lacondeguy has signed with Mondraker and is riding the stretched out Summum. Chris Van Dine is shralping his lines aboard a new Cannondale rig, it looks to be built off of the Jekyll platform. Hope to see more of this bike that CVD has in the next few days.