"Made" Trailer from Callum Swift

Special attention should be given to:
00:38 Hill in the mud.
01:41 Hill in the roots.
01:48 Needles "booshing"
02:02 Brendan styling out in Whistler.

MADE Trailer from Callum Swift on Vimeo.


Don't get me wrong...

No one likes to bring any special attention that may be perceived as humorous to a rider in a crash. We have all done it before and will continue to do so. As one of the interns here at TractionMag was trolling through the tubes of the internets he stumbled across this series of images. We are not laughing...yes we are! We do hope that both of the individuals in this pic are okay and laughing with us.


Wolfman shredding Peteluma.

Of all the great lines and boosts in this vid the shot at "0:54" of the tire slide has got these guys pumped.

Wolfman Petaluma from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.


Digital Junk Dunk

Now you can sport your electronic refuse on your feets!
Courtesy of Gabriel Dishaw

Hopkins filming with Life Cycles.

Hopkins tries to bust a hip.



Here is your chance to see Lance's bikes up close before they are sold off to rich white people who haven't thrown a leg over a bike in some time. These bikes feature stunning graphics from Damien Hirst, Marc Newson, KAWS, Shepard Fairey, Yoshitomo Nara, and Kenny Scharf. So all you NY heads get up there on the quick quick because it leaves really soon, possibly today even. How is that for breaking news!

"Woot Woot, thats the sound of da police..."

We here at TractionMag HQ love us some JD and if any of you out there really know him, then you know this was only a matter of time. Don't let the man get you down JD. Look at the bright side things could have been worse.

Read the whole scoop here. BUSTED!!!!


Foot Out Flat Out 2

"Fast And Loose" from the gents at Wideopen Mag.

More Mountain Biking >>


Avids new Code

These pics of new Avid Codes have been floating around for a bit now. New designed lever body modeled off of the Elixir shape, carbon lever blade and a new location for he pad adjustment knob. New caliper shape that is a tid bit smaller, sheds weight and still delivers all the teeth shattering power of the older siblings. They should be released at Ze Otter. Expect to see a lot more of them soon.

Neko signs with 23 Degrees.

23 Degrees Sports Management announced today that it has finalized an agreement to represent rising American mountain bike talent, Neko Mulally. The 16 year old gravity rider from Reading in Pennsylvania has had an impressive year despite the fact that he's not yet old enough to race World Cups; that will come next season.

Most notably, at Whistler this year during the Crankworx events, and racing Pro Men, Neko finish 4th in the Dual Slalom (behind world class talents Kyle Strait, Brian Lopes and Johannes Fischbach), and then in the Canadian Open Downhill finished 5th, just seconds behind World Cup stars Brendan Fairclough and Steve Smith.

Neko rode as the forerunner for the Canadian rounds of the UCI World Cup, and is now dead keen to hit the circuit next year in his first World Cup season. Currently a member of Specialized Team America, Neko is open to race for a new program in 2010.

"Next year is a really important year for me. I want to build on the experience I gained this year with my current team, and chase down my goals of being one of the top juniors on the Downhill circuit next year and hopefully gain a medal at my first World Championships. It was really cool to see the Mont-Sainte-Anne course this year, and it's one I'm really looking forward to racing in 2010," said Neko this morning from his home in Pennsylvania.

Founder and Owner of 23 Degrees Sports Management, Martin Whiteley, commented on Neko's signing.

"Neko's been well known in the US for a little while now and he's been getting some pretty impressive results for his age. His skill level is right up there and since one of our other clients, Kyle Strait, is on the same team, we got to spend some time with Neko in Whistler. He impresses me greatly. He is a grounded young man who clearly comes from a very supportive family. We haven't signed any new athletes to our management program for more than 2 years as we've been waiting for just the right rider to come along and Neko fits that bill. I'm very excited by what the future holds for this young talent".

Neko's profile page can be found HERE!

For further information:

Martin Whiteley
23 Degrees Sports Management



boost. the. lip.

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POV footage from Brazil.

Pull those elbows in. Not sure I could talk you through that while riding such as Gee is.


Life Cycles *behind the scenes*


Any takers?


Ruben Alcantara...

This guy has always been at the top of our list. Big moves from a humble soul.

Fresh Paint


Man's Ingenuity

Awe inspiring? Splinters? Termites?


The new Evil Sect.

New all-mountain/freeridish bike from Evil Bikes. The tubes of the internet are clogged with "hype" theories surrounding the company and its marketing. Little do they know that by complaining about it and filling online forums with their complaints that they are a part of the hype/marketing. That's how it works jackasses. Party on Evil!