Bicycle Girl Fight

She peels out!? How do you say: "Send me an angel" in Chinese?

Courtesy of Harry Heath


Ben Reid's Prototype Norco DH

I like the look of this new design but I have to say that I can't help feeling that DH bikes are soon going to all look the same. Again.

More info here: DIRT


Needed: "1 Giraffe with bolt cutters"

And if you lose the remote?


Bringing sexy back...

We may have seen Curtis Keene riding this color Demo in Silver Star a little while back, at that point who new what they were going to pump out in the form of color ways. Obviously, we knew they were going to spit out some Monster/Neon-Rave/scheme and we all saw the complete red and white setup at Interbike. Hooray for options!

So when it comes to bringing sexy back... They're doing it.


Life Cycles Premier - Baltimore

Over 300 in attendance. Lots of great prizes including a bike given out. Thanks to all who helped orchestrate this event and to all those who showed up. Kirby, you better be doing tricks in a parking lot somewhere!


DH 29er explained


Life Cycles Premier in Baltimore

Come on out, we have got GoldSprints racing, Max Wattage contests and a truckload of great prizes and giveaways! Many vendors and advocacy groups will be present. Not to mention of course a visually impressive film! Not to be missed.

More info here!


Danny MacAskill: Way Back Home


Single Sided

This concept from Julie Racing Design sees the right side of the bike sheared off. Just be sure to lean left.


Aaron Gwin to race for Trek

Looks as if Needles got the boot and his spot at the grown-up table has been taken up by USA's Aaron Gwin. Aaron was quoted as saying "It's going to be badass getting to ride with Neko!" Well there you have it. Anxious to see where Needles lands, maybe Yeti is looking for a rider?


Go Pro Red Bull

GoPro HD HERO Camera: Red Bull Rampage 2010 from GoPro on Vimeo.


Gets some Mini-Dome!

Red Bull Minidrome from Eyeball Moving Image on Vimeo.

Corsair Dominion Prototype

Some photos have surfaced of the new Corsair Dominion proto frame. The machining looks mint on this frame, lets hope it carries over to the production model. Should be out Summer 2011.

• 3-in-one DH/FR/SS geometry matched to a riders size.

• Accepts 4 different shock lengths: 9.5"/8.5"/7.5"/6.5" eye to eye for 4 to 8 inches of travel

• 62.5 to 69 head angles

• 16.5" to 17" chain stay length adjustment with the new Slide-drops.

• New ‘Unit’ Linkage system

Here is a link to Vital's bike check with Zink. VITALMTB