2nd Last Chance

Ben Reid the absurdly smooth DH racer from Ireland sent over a link to his buddy John Lawlors new movie "2nd Last Chance. Lawlor used to ride for Orange along with Glyn O'Brien, another Irish with a bike. Check out the vid and look for it through Video Action Sports and Dirt Mag's website.


Steady Hand

Yokohama, Japan is the home of "Ko", well atleast thats how we know him. He is an artist who started out carving linoleum blocks for printing. Well he has been moving into metal work. A fixed gear head, he is surrounded with high end aluminum parts and a dremel creating some stunning detail work on these once ordinary parts. He is in the process of putting together a website and when it is finished we will give you a shout.

All aboard!

The way back train is about to embark, first stop Sunn Bicycles.
The boys at Sunn are in the process of producing a production run of the new DH rig named the Radical it will be weighing in at 36 pounds for a complete bike and get about
190 mm of travel. Stay tuned we will try to dig up some more dirt and see when we in the states will be able to get a hold of one.

Check out the website at Sunn Bicycles


Los colores de la Calle

(Colors of the Street)

How lazy are we...

Laser guided scissors... Whats next cars that park themselves?



Scotty Cranmer is just that...retarded. He rides bike like he's on coke. I watched some of the Mountain Dew Action Sports and could not believe the variations he was pulling in a run. He rides for Felt bikes and Tylenol. No shit, Tylenol. I guess some good can come out of Jersey.
Check out the vid....
  • Scotty Cranmer
  • 10/23/06

    Bikeotober Fest

    This past weekend Racers Edge put on the first annual Biketoberfest. The event included a y-format dual slalom race and an invite only Dirt Jump comp featuring Aaron Chase, Jim DeChamp, George Ryan and Adam Hauck. The weather was beautiful and the racing was intense. The track was fast and challenging and made everyone work to win. The jump jam had Jim's super clicted backflip turndowns and George's 360 nosedive's. Gale Dahlager was even on hand and attempted to backflip the last dirt jump, I give her an "A" for effort. Photographer Damian Breach was on hand and documented the two wheeled crazy. Check out the link to his site to the left and take a peruse at his snaps.


    There is no magazine that I anticipate more than "Dirt". I have had a subscription to the magazine for over four years and have seen the publication through its changes. They have the ability to lace stunning photography, intelligent writing and product info into a beautifully designed package. With other magazines that may grace the basket next to your toilet, you wouldn't think twice about tossing them out after a few months. Not "Dirt", you savor each issue stacking it away just to be pulled out a month or so later and flipped through again. With their roots based in U.K. soil they truly have a finger on the pulse of our sport. Thank you Dirt we ALL appreciate it.

    Very clever

  • Leo Burnett
  • is a marketing and design icon he is responsible for the Marlboro Man and Tony the Tiger. His firms are at the forefront of advertising, check out his hot to trot site as an example. He is not afraid to touch the more "uncomfortable" subjects. I guess their money is green as well.

    Now you tell me.

    Thats a good thing, right? Well Marvin and I broke ours at lovely Mt. Snow and they "fixed" them and sent them back to us. We now have proper working kits and this notice to ensure peace of mind. The real question is "are we the gambling type?"

    If you are interested in purchasing said kit, drop a line; we can make a deal.


    Jay Dejesus

    Apparently he's in a coma due to meningitis. Please keep Jay and his family in your thoughts.

    UPDATE 10-21-06
    Jay has come out of a coma and is expected to make a full recovery. This is really great news.