The Big "S" on the Big "S"

This pic was swiped from some cool cat (Trekrules) on Ridemonkey.
I suspect there will be a lot of Sundays for sale in the classifieds. Long live FSR?


2009 Teams

The newly founded Trek Team will be managed by "23 Degrees Sports" and will be a 3 person team. Justin Leov, formerly of Yeti and Andrew Neethling, formerly of Mongoose will be the 2 dudes, the female team member is yet to be decided.

The Yeti team has seen a shakeup with the loss of Leov to Trek. They will still continue to be a top contender with the retention of Jared Graves, young gun Sam "no gloves" Blenkinsop and USA's top hope for a World Cup win in Aaron Gwin. We have high hopes for Aaron this coming season.

Out is Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner and in, is Marc Beaumont from MBUK/Santa Cruz with Tyler McCaul and Kevin Aiello. They will be a three man squad looking to tackle the World Cup events, Crankworx and some US races.

Not so pumped.


This is the record breaking quarterly earnings for the second largest company in the world. Need I remind you that a "quarter" is exactly 3 months.

$7,000,000.00 per hour
$115,000.00 per minute


MTV finally got themselves together.

The blackhole of stupid that swallowed MTV and turned it into the horrible bastion of reality television has spit out a gem of redemption. They have built a new site that has the entire video library cataloged you can now watch all the videos that helped shape your life. That song you relied on when she dumped you, you can play it all day long. Go do some digging and see what you can come up with. MTVmusic.com

A good find!

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Palmer is back...

Read Here


Grape Smugglers Beware!

The UCI has officially banned the use of skin suits in gravity events. Many riders have been against the use. Rachel Atherton made her views made in Canberra when Moseley bested her time with one. Maybe there was more to her protest than just fashion. Many federations and Team Managers have pressured riders to wear the suits at the World Championships. Everyone looking for that edge. You can see Mojo's Chris Porter's contribution above. Read Below.

Protections in Downhill/4X:
An approved full-face helmet must be worn properly fastened both when racing and when training on the course. The helmet must be fitted with a visor. Open-face helmets may not be worn.

The UCI strongly recommends that riders wear the following protection:
- back, elbow, knee and shoulder protectors made of rigid materials;
- protection for the nape of the neck and the cervical vertebrae;
- padding on shins and thighs;
- full-length trousers made from rip-resistant material incorporating protection for the knees and calves, or broad-cut shorts made from rip-resistant material plus knee and calf protectors with a rigid surface;
- long sleeved shirt;
- full finger gloves.

Clothing in Downhill/4X:
All tight-fitting clothing is not permitted

Some people will be happier than others. For those of you that participated in "smuggling grapes", looks like you just got shut down by the racing worlds equivalent of a "Customs Department".
Photo courtesy of Dirt Magazine

Gear Ratio App. for iPhone

In the endless pursuit to turn all modern devices into tools for the bike community, our North Eastern Bureau Chief came across this gem.
The Bicycle Gear Calculator application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It is capable of calculating gear ratios, gain ratios and gear inches. It features a Skid-Patch visualizer which is extremely telling of the amount of nerdiness one may contain. For more info and details clicky on the linky Bike Gear App.

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Hindsight is now 20/20

Nike has unveiled a new set of optics by designer Billy May entitled the "Hindsight".
Urban riding and commuting has gotten a little super human boost with these shades. They give the wearer an increased peripheral vision, up to 25% more. Not quite enough to see directly behind you but certainly gives you a heads up on an out of control street sweeper looking to eat you.
It will really cut down on your side to side movements and allow you to focus your efforts on the road ahead. Not sure a price or release date as of yet.


Diacompe Brake Lever

The Gran Compe Shot Lever from Dia-Compe is a new twist on a problem that some fixed gear riders come across. Which hand to use for braking? Maybe your a righty and it is easy for you to find a lever. If your a lefty trying to find a single lever can be a task. Now with the Dia-Compe lever you can use either hand to brake while the other hand sends visual signals of anger to passing motorists. This product has been around for a hot minute but is just now making its way to the shores of the US. Remember only use one hand at a time when using this brake or you will get loose. The lever is a 25.4 clamp and it even comes with the flexy noodle kabob. Price is estimated in the area of 70 beans.


Kabuki Theatre

Shimano has heard your crys and now they are prepared to deliver.
Shimano will be releasing the "Yumeya" line which is an aftermarket product line designed for you to "hop up" your existing Saint or XTR components. The stuff is pricey and we see some exotic materials such as carbon, anodized gold bits and the super trendy white cable housing.
Go figure, a japanese company producing a product and us idiots foaming at the mouth to buy some aftermarket goodies to attach to them. The only discernable difference between import tuners and downhill mountain bikers...that big ole book shelf on the back of the cars!

Check it out SHIMANO YUMEYA.


Get Well

Mike Aitken suffered a very serious crash and is currently in a coma. We wish him and his family the best.


New "Dirt" Site

The boys at Dirt have thrown up a new site. Exit black, enter white.

Red Bull Rampage Finals

The 60 foot canyon gap is insane!


Red Bull Rampage Qualifying


Red Bull Rampage Day 2 Video


Two Wheeled Videos

S&M "I Wanna Live"

S&M I Wanna Live Trailer from Defgrip on Vimeo.

Also a new vid from All Out Productions entitled "Days of Dirt", Theo is one of the busiest guys in the industry! Click Here!

Red Bull MXDN Video shot by cool guy, Alex Rankin.

More from MX of Nations on Mpora TV >>

Red Bull Rampage

This Saturday is the day we get to watch the worlds craziest huck it big time off tall things at fast speeds. The Red Bull Rampage's return has got a lot of people excited. This is an event where we have seen different disciplines conquer, racers and huckers unite. Inject some of new blood of racer and some new blood of tailwhippin freeriders and we are sure to have one hell of an explosive event. Freecaster will be bringing you lots of video from the event and we are sure that the world wide web will be full of pictures of Hucker McNasty doing inverted red robins off the biggest drops! Course photos:

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