Re-Focus Trailer

A few weeks back we brought you a snip-it of the new trailer from Orpheus Productions entitled "Re-Focus" As the sequel to "Focus" they made some surprising changes.

Orpheus Productions are never ones to stand still, so where Focus was rough, raw and in your face, re-Focus is polished, shot in High Definition, over a period of nine months, utilising a custom designed cablecam rig to bring you shots impossible to achieve using conventional methods. Featuring all of the European rounds of the UCI World Cup series, the amazing World Championships from Fort William and several other selected European races, re-Focus is all about the racing.Re-Focus Trailer

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Greg Minnaar to join the Syndicate.

The Santa Cruz Syndicate is excited to welcome Greg Minnaar onto the Syndicate for the next two downhill racing seasons! We expect the addition of Minnaar to raise the bar even higher for the Syndicate and are eager to get the new Santa Cruz V-10 underneath him. Having Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, and Josh Bryceland work and train together with Minnaar should elevate the playing field to new levels in the downhill arena.

Rob Roskopp (owner, Santa Cruz Bicycles), has had an eye on Minnaar for a few years now, and when Honda made the decision to end their involvement in downhill racing, Roskopp saw this as the chance he was waiting for to add Minnaar to the successful Syndicate program. Having talented bike racers with big personalities is a prerequisite for the Syndicate, and Minnaar brings his professionalism, engaging personality and dedication to his craft to the squad. Something that impressed Roskopp the most was Minnaar’s performance at the World Championships in Fort William, Scotland, when in his race run, he crashed and continued on to a successful 4th place finish with a dislocated shoulder and broken scapula suffered in the crash! Witnessing that type of mental determination and control was compelling for Roskopp to aggressively pursue signing Minnaar.

Roskopp comments, “I’m very excited to have Greg on the Syndicate. I admire his talent, professionalism and work ethic and have wanted him on the Syndicate for some time. The Syndicate will now have a broad range in the downhill squad from young, up and coming Josh, to seasoned pros and legends, and will truly be a very international group. Having Greg will be amazing, and I look forward to seeing him race on the V-10.”

“The most important factor for me in choosing a team I race for is the level of support, and the ability to race at my best. It’s clear that the Syndicate is driven by people who love to race. To have a race winning bike beneath me as well as team mates that will continue to push me, makes me very excited about the upcoming season. We are going to be a pretty tough team to beat!” says Minnaar.

Something we strive for in the Syndicate is to create an environment where each rider can express their unique individuality and develop their personas in the sport. Supporting and maintaining the momentum Minnaar has attained in his career will be a feature of his program.

Steve Peat remarks, “Greg is going to be a huge asset to the Syndicate. He and I have been friends since he first visited the UK, a long time ago, and I can see how his drive to win along with his professionalism will be a huge plus for us on the circuit. Welcome aboard Greg!”

Josh Bryceland excitedly says, “That's awesome news! I can't think of a much stronger group with Steve, Nathan and Greg! I have looked up to Greg as much as I have Nathan and Steve the whole time. His style and his consistency will just make the Syndicate even stronger! Also, we can both be newcomers together, ha-ha!”

Nathan Rennie welcomes Greg to the team with his sense of humor, “Looks like there are going to be three naked 6’ 3” men in the back of Steve’s van this year. I had enough trouble understanding Steve’s accent.... Welcome, and oh, by the way, that’s my sandwich Greg.”

Once again, it is with great pleasure that we make this announcement and welcome Greg to the Syndicate!

Kathy Sessler
Santa Cruz Syndicate
Team Manager

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"The Law of Fives"

Rankin is god..."The Law of Fives" is now out. The boys in the U.K. are sending it out as we speak. Excitement building, nervous energy will be replaced with hi-fives and f@ck yeahs! Here is the cover art and table of contents. Enjoy. Review coming soon.

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2008 NMBS...maybe UCI?

So we received a press release from "NMBS" stating the new 2008 race schedule and series finals and we spotted something in the text, I have highlighted it for you. It seems that some of our prayers have been answered. It seems that these will be UCI sanctioned events and will have the category of "C1" and "C2" which is for single day and two day events.
With the two North American Word Up Cups in the works and the potential to gain valuable points at the local level, I'd say you don't have any more excuses!

Edit: We have been told that in the past these events did hold the UCI seal of approval pertaining to XC we fired an email off to the heads at USA Cycling, the whole time our fingers were crossed that the Gravity Gods would be looking down on us.

Round 1
March 29 – March 30, 2008
Fontana National
Southridge Park
Fontana, California
XC/DH/ST/4X/Super D

Round 2
April 5 – April 6, 2008
NOVA National
McDowell Mountain Regional Park
Fountain Hills, Arizona
XC/ST/Super D

Round 3
May 17 – May 18, 2008
Santa Ynez National presented by Platinum Performance
Ted Chamberlin Ranch
Los Olivos, California

Round 4
June 28 – June 29, 2008
Deer Valley National
Deer Valley Resort
Park City, Utah

Round 5 (This is why were hot!)
July 12 – July 13, 2008
East Coast National
Windham Resort
Windham, New York

Round 6, Series Final
August 30 – September 1, 2008
National Mountain Bike Series Finals
Tamarack Resort
Tamarack, Idaho
XC/DH/4Xor DS/ST/Super D

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Mick Hannah Press Release

Press Release, 02 Nov 2008: Michael Hannah - 2008 Ride Plans

Michael Hannah has asked me to release the following to the MTB press:

"It seems that some of the MTB media have picked up on a media release regarding my 2008 plans and my relationship with Cannondale. Unfortunately a lot of the postings have contained inaccuracies and have left me in a position where I feel I have to set the record straight.

First of all my contract with Cannondale is still current until the end of the year and I have full intentions to honour that as Cannondale has always done the right thing by me.

Some time ago, Cannondale approached me with a plan for 2008. They left the ball in my court to decide on things and considering my time with Cannondale has been nothing but enjoyable, I really did think this was my future riding home. I could not make a decision by my deadline so I chose to let the offer go. To be honest nothing has really changed at all other than the fact that I have some opportunities arising at home and I am a little tired of traveling. I have been out riding for a number of years now, and even with the great support the Daniel (Hespeler), Rory (Mason) and all the rest of the Cannondale crew have always given me, I have found myself asking whether this is what I want to be doing next year (and perhaps beyond). I have always been a rider who likes to give 100% at every event and at this stage I am unsure of my future and Cannondale is not a company that deserves less than 100% from their riders.

My biggest regret is in not being able to put this into the proper words for those who have supported me, particularly Cannondale, and thus letting a situation be created where their brand could be hurt in anyway. I was stupid to share my thoughts with someone without explaining it properly or fully and the industry being what it is the next thing I know all of you are writing about my leaving Cannondale.

I want to state two things very clearly - I am not actively looking for another team although I have been approached AND I have never been happier with a bike than I have been with the Judge. To be honest guys, some of the waffle that I have seen written on the various forums is just not true. I have at this stage no plans for 2008 and do not intend actively looking for anything until I am sure in my own mind and heart that this is what I want to be doing. I want to spend more quality time with Hannah and my family for starters.

I would like to thank Cannondale for their awesome support and all of my other sponsors for their kind words - and in particular all of the people who have written about their disappointment in my perhaps not riding in the World Cup in 2008. This will not be the last you all see of me at that level - but it just might be in a different way in the future. Thanks to all of you."

Any queries should be directed to Michael.

Gavin Donehue

General Manager

Freesport Management

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Eric Lichtenberger

Eric Lichtenberger Interview (Click Here)

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