Renner destroys half pipe record!

Semenuk's custom something.

What is the rubber looking shroud around the bb/crank interface?

A "no-footed-stop-the-crank-from-spinning-tension" device?

Pic from PinkBike

Driving the point home.

Remember the "Can you scrub a bike?" question? Well to punctuate the statements made to answer that question here is a clip of Sam Hill, doing just that.

Check out Dirt for the 2 page spread as well as the setup for that shot!


Missy likes weed.

The fight to free Missy has begun "FreeMissy.com"

1 is the loneliest number

The Tour is over, Contador won and Lance did'nt. Such is racing. Don't let it go to your head?

Beautiful photographs from Brent Humphreys at his site "Project Le Tour"


HIll takes the win and Gwin gets on the podium!

Hill takes the win in MSA. Freecaster needs to get their shit together.


MSA Thursday Video.

Riders are shredding and Sven is a fool.


Street Art?

"CHALKBOT" So now you can save all that money you were going to blow on that AirFrance ticket and the French Rosetta Stone volumes. All you have to do is simply send a text message of what you would want painted on the street and let science and the robot paint it for you. That way Lance and Co. can know how clever you are. Think about all the time you will save. We just took another step closer to FLESH EATING ROBOTS!

"Livestrong Link"


Dusty Bermshot

Dusty Bermshot is alive and well. After his run in with those banditos in Guadalajara we all thought he was done for. But alas he has risen from the ashes and emerged with a stunning website showcasing some of the intense images of his travels. He is on the prowl for work, so if you have a need, drop a line. Check ze site here.

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Blind Bike Trials Rider -Video 2-

Friend of TractionMag, Matt Gilman has made yet another impressive trials video. Tell your friends.

Matt's Facebook page


A DH or 4X version would be an interesting change of pace for city commuting.


Bike Date?

Need a bike buddy but don't think you have got the chops to hang with Reggie? Try this new site
Bike Pal. You can drop a line and list your skill level and bike preference and go SHRED IT!

Not appearing on ebay.

Times is Tough

White trucks are plentiful in Norcalandia. Here are a couple of proverbial diamonds in the rough:


You think YOU ride alot?

Main man Reggie rides more than most humans. Spending the week on a reliable but aesthetically busted Giant TCR, he ticks off the miles. When the weekend appears he sets off for his real passion on the open roads of Pennsylvania. He is logging well over 200 miles in a single day of riding with an impressive average speed. Running into Reggie is always a treat and our last encounter he laid his latest mileage and speed recordings on me. Now I bring them to you. So stop complaining and go ride.

Timm Köelln captures road

Timm Köelln is wonderful photographer that everyone should be watching. His photographs of road cycling are pretty majestic. What do you say we invite him to a DH/MTX weekend?


How many 2 wheeled devices can you spot?

Trevyn Newpher and Tim Price are East Coast racers with an agenda. They want to reach Sol Vista, Colorado in time for the U.S. Nationals Race by way of Moab, Utah. They have decided to bring quite a few toys along with them. As they rip a scar in the ozone layer on their trek, hopefully they will keep us entertained with updates of their antics. Hint hint.

Note: That is not a lunar rover. And yes they removed the wheels from the trailer and yes those are 2 x 4's.


Bloack and G.O.A.T. on Top Gear

Neko gets third in Bromont.

Third place with a lost chain for the last 2/3rd's of the course.
Rock on Neko!!!

1 Sam Hill (Aus) Monster Energy/Specialized 2:41.666
2 Mitchell Delfs (Aus) Kenda/Morewood 2:50.452
3 Neko Mullaly (USA) Specialized/Team America 2:55.438
4 Yann Gauvin (Can) Xprezo/Impact Design/Novatec 2:59.965
5 Rob Fraser (Can) Primary-Trek 3:01.086
6 Dominick Ménard (Can) Primary Trek 3:01.175
7 Mathieu Laurin (Can) Lama Cycles 3:01.539
8 Remi Gauvin (Can) Team BC/Arrowsmith Bikes 3:01.810
9 Trenton Zoobkoff (Can) Team BC 3:01.838
10 Jean-Philippe Da Silva (Can) indépendant 3:02.187


Kurt Sorge can Scrub a bicycle

Also, does anyone remember a small video of a different Kirt (of the Bend variety) scrubbing a bicycle with a decidedly xc seat height?