Troy Lee Designs 2009

Yeah thats right, they want us to wear this and not laugh.
Troy and I have gotten along in the past but now... well things have changed.

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Get your drink on...

The video is entitled "Free Drinks" so take a sip let it sit, enjoy the aroma...
Oh yeah the crazy ass John Woo inspired bike slide under the chain, is what we call "Off Da Hook"!!!

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Crazy vending machines aren't just for Japan any more...

In the beautiful state of Wisconsin, Trek has begun implementing its new idea to add ease and convenience to the cycling experience. Trek's new "Trek Stop" is essentially a bicycle vending machine, dispensing basic bike parts like tubes, patch kits, lube, etc. etc. Complete with a work stand, air compressor, and instructions on how to do simple repairs; these rad little kiosks are yet another way bicycles are on their way to becoming more accepted as a viable mode of transportation in the mainstream American culture.

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Mount 7 Psychosis was today

We may be in Whistler but we have not totally forgotten about you guys. The Mount Seven Psychosis race took place today in Golden, British Columbia. This is the tenth year and the final year for the epic insanity. In a surprising win Aussie pinner Chris Kovarik pulled a new course record with a time of 12:35.14 beating top riders such as Tyler Morland, Andrew Mitchell and last years winner Sam Hill. If you have not heard or seen this race before check out this vid from the latest video from the Collective entitled "Seasons."

Good shit Kovarik!!!

1st Chris Kovarik 12:35.14
2nd Nick Quinn
3rd Tyler Morland
4th Sam Hill
5th Andrew Mitchell

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