Santa Cruz maybe killing the Bullit?

Santa Cruz Bicycles Driver 8 is the new "freeride" bike.

Here are some pics and here is a link go, look, read, buy?


Gravity East 2009 Schedule

Dust the bike off and dust yourself off the race season is around the corner.
This year at the helm as GES Director is Daniel McDonald of DHD Promotions. 11 races best of 8 determines Champion $5000.00 finals purse. This is a USA Cycling Sanctioned Series.

#1 Massanuten Resort VA - May 8-9 - DH
#2 Wisp Resort MD - June 5-7 DH - DS
#3 Seven Springs Resort PA - June 13-14 DH
#4 Windham Resort, NY June 27th-28th DH - DS
#5 Highland Mountainbike Park NH - July 11-12 DH-DS
#6 Attitash Mountain, NH - July 18-19 DH Only
#7 Sugarbush Resort VT - August 1-2 DH Only
#8 Whiteface Resort 5K NY - Aug. 29-30 DH
#9 Camelback Resort PA - Sept 26-27 DH - DS
#10 Mount Snow, VT Oct 3-4 DH-DS
#11 Plattekill NY - GES Final Oct 10-11 DH - DS

There will also be a Gravity East Dual Slalom Series this year.


Blur XC Carbon

The inauguration of a fresh president here in the USA seems like an auspicious time to take the wraps off Santa Cruz Bicycles' most closely guarded secret since, well, ever. Ladies and gentlemen, departing Trek riding Texan Republicans and incoming Illinois hoop shooting Democrats, please lend a hand for the arrival of the totally new and completely awesome, carbon fiber Blur XC!

-105mm travel, next generation VPP suspension
-Super efficient bump absorption, incredible pedaling response, no lockouts or platforms required
-Reliable, serviceable, stiff - next generation VPP links are core of the most evolved suspension on the market
-Ultra-lightweight, incredibly strong carbon fiber frame (4.2 pounds, frame and shock, size medium)
-That wasn't a typo. It's really light.
-How light? 22 pounds, 6 ounces for the XTRxc complete
-Damn, that's light

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I love Polaroid

So does the rest of the world. I savor every picture I take with my remaining 5 packs of the film. Well in the beginning of 2008 Polaroid decide to close factories here and abroad, thus ending the production of the coveted film. That is when a team of ex-Polaroid employees and film engineers brought it upon themselves to jump start production and bring the great film back to us in 2010. Give these guys a few minutes of your time. They have a beautifully designed website and are doing a great thing that everyone should support. "The Impossible Project"

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Bikes at the Inauguration

Ride your bike in DC tomorrow for the inauguration and valet it for free! Check it out here.

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Or stupidity. But lets go with dedication, as this author was out there riding as well.

17 Degrees is too cold for most people to accomplish even the most mundane of daily tasks. Slater's list of chores happens to include riding bikes no matter how frigid the weather(and convincing others to join in). The beauty of the low temps is twofold; the jumps are frozen solid and faster than a buttered Porsche, and the local kiddos are locked away inside playing Wii or something, leaving the trails clean and quiet.

Get off the internet and go ride!

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Thoughts on summer...

Let's face it, its been colder than death out recently. During times of nipply weather, east coast outdoor enthusiasts tend to let their thoughts wander to the halcyon days of summertime. Let's listen to funnyman skater Jamal Smith pontificate on that very subject...

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Lance and his "Big Apple" bike

Armstrong's new bike has "Big Apple" inspired graphics.

More pics here.

Killer fork, I'll give em that.

Integrated graphics on the stem.

This is too easy.


Crossing the line?

Hi-Torque Publications owns quite a few magazines, Road, Moto, BMX, ATV and even RC Car. They also happen to own Mountain Bike Action. Many people have an opinion of MBA, most of those opinions skirt the border of "terrible", "worthless" and "uninformative".
I will try to show a bit more tact when I say that I believe it to be a suitable magazine. Suitable in the sense that without this publication the (gravity) masses would not flock in which they do to other more notable magazines such as Mountain Biking, Decline, Dirt Rag, MBUK and of course the exquisite Dirt. Now I have not purchased an issue of MBA in quite a while. I can admit to scooping one up when the stress of the last boarding call has rung out and I'm finding myself with a 6 hour flight in front of me. Just to find myself flipping through it 5-6 times, placing it in the seat back in front of me as I watch us take off from where-ever-ville.

So its an absolute garbage magazine, we got that out of the way. They recently refused a series of advertisements from Titus Cycles. Titus had enlisted the assistance of TDA Advertising in the creation of some new marketing ads. The ads were deemed to racy and sexual for print. Now, I completely understand that you can't go printing any ole thing that comes across your desk. But seriously guys, are these ads too racy? Are they too sexy? The demographic of mountain bikers that would be viewing this ad would probably crack a smile and continue to flip through the mag before they ditched it the recycling bin. Yes, no matter how terrible the magazine you can actually recycle it. A Marzocchi ad usually has a scantily clad woman lusting over a new suspension product that is ever so gently nestled within her cleavage. This I like, but it is a bit easier to understand if you don't want it in your mag. By the way, they do not print these Marzocchi ads in MBA. Maybe you should use this energy to focus on the content that falls in between the advertisements seeing as this is where you may be letting people down.

SIDENOTE: The owner of Hi-Torque (Roland Hinz) has donated quite a bit of loot to aid in the passing of legislation that would prohibit same-sex marriages in the state of California.
What an ass.

Flying Coffin Decks

It is very, very rare that I post something skate related. Nothing against it at all, I simply have limited knowledge of the activity, but I must say it looks, amazing! Such as these do,Flying Coffin and Manik have joined forces to release a limited run of decks.

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GT's Midas Bikes

It looks as if Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintners payroll was utilized to make undesirable products shiny. Actually these products are the grand prizes for an amateur racer contest that the company will be holding at the start of the season. "GT's Golden Bike"

Communism meets Capitalism

SRAM will be offering 12 individuals with the ability to ride the same SID as the US Olympic team. Well, you can obviously read the poster below. US designed fork, built in China with Chinese themed decals sold to Americans...confusing?

I will buy anything from Apple.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard


Monster Trucks?

Tilt-Shift lens coupled with stop-motion makes for a unique perspective at an American pastime. Disclaimer: This is not miniature!

Those were the days.

"Downhill is the Formula One of cycling"- Fabien Barel

Truth is U.S. MTB racing has suffered because the largest governing body (USA Cycling) can give two sh!ts about most of the events they "sanction" when it comes to the gravity side of cycling. The bottom fell out of NORBA in 03. No money for the pros…no sponsors...no spectators.... that meant no money coming into the resorts...and NO reason to hold a NORBA race. However after 03, a tremendous amount grass roots racing was born to fill the void. Snowshoe had their own races, 24 hour races were on the rise...and as of recently the grass-roots Super D came around (I.e.: Downieville, and Ashland) All well and good for the expert-semi pro (useless class) racers of NORBA "pullout". But without the revenue generated into OUR sport...not many teams could afford to send their athletes all over the world to race bikes. The UCI World Cup is a stage that is higher than anything the current US Nationals can even think to attain. Why do you think there hasn't been a UCI World Cup event in the U.S. for some time? (Angel Fire was the last)

It is extremely difficult for American riders to compete with the Euros and Aussies when we are not faced with the same level of competition. We need to step up our venues in order to attract the UCI and improve the skill-set of our riders or we can just rely on the select few that can afford to travel the world to climb the UCI podium.

Dave Kalt.


Hill and Fairclough on the new rides.

"Eyebrows" and "Chin" on their new Specialized Demos.

Exclusive pic of 2009 Supreme DH WC Edition

The new Supreme DH WC Edition will feature the World Cup stripes with an Animal twist!
Frame – New Supreme DH
Rear Shock – Fox DHX 5.0 (Atherton Setting)
Fork – Fox 40 RC2
Headset – Chris King 1” 1/8
Stem – Sunline V1DH Direct Mount
Bars – Sunline V1 Low
Grips – Sunline Logo Lock-on
Brakes – Shimano Saint 203mm/203mm
Shifter – Shimano Saint r/h
Chain Device – E13 LG1
Rear Derailleur – Shimano Saint short cage
Bottom Bracket – Shimano Saint
Crankset – Shimano Saint
Chain – Shimano
Cassette – Shimano 12-25T
Wheels – DT Swiss EX1750
Tyres – Maxxis High Roller 26 x 2.5”
Seatpost – Thomson Elite
Saddle – SDG Fly RL Titanium
Coming soon...


New hotness?

Shimano's new Oval Track Chain
We will try to dig up some mo info.
UPDATE: The chain was originally intended for Shimano's new fangled "Coasting" Group. The chain is incredibly stout and the application for Fixed riders is spot on. Thanks for the heads up Nathan!


An eery photo for cyclists, made even more eery for us through the coincidence of name.
Keep that chin up DS.

Fish Balls @ Rays


Rennie and Delfs on Morewood in 09

"Gravity Group is pleased to announce their partnership with Morewood Bikes as bicycle supplier and co-title sponsor along with Kenda Tires for their World Cup Team."

The new team will consist of Nathan Rennie (AUS) and Mitch Delfs (AUS).

Nathan Rennie: “I am super happy to be where I am in 2009. Not to mention that 9 is my favorite number, I am especially happy to be working with new people and working with people I already know. I am impressed with everything so far and how fast the ball has got rolling. I’m stuck in training already and my knee feels good. It wont be long before it will be 100%. I feel like the change for me is for the better for all parties and just want to get racing again. See you at the races.”

Mitch Delfs: “I am super stoked to be working with Gravity Group again for the 2009 season. It’s going to be an exciting year, with a great bike and good factory support to race on. I’m sure there will be a few World Cups with my name on it. With a new team mate as fast as Nathan Rennie I know my riding will improve, which will make TEAM KENDA/MOREWOOD the new power house team on the World Cup circuit.”

Richard Carter of Morewood Bikes: "Gravity Group has a reputation for running one of the most professional teams on the circuit, so the opportunity of forming a partnership with them was something we just couldn’t pass up on, despite current economic sentiment.

I believe we have one of the most competitive packages on the circuit. Good bikes however are nothing without great riders, and we feel privileged to work with riders of Nathan and Mitch’s caliber.

Filling the shoes of a team as successful and respected as Syndicate is a big task for anyone, but I believe Peter Siulczynski and the Gravity Group are up to the challenge. With the right support and infrastructure I know Nathan will be right at home in no time and ready to retake his place on the podium where he belongs."

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Dah Shop

Tyrone Williams' joint on the border of Manhattan and Chinatown.
Shop was cool, and I saw a real Bombtrager cruiser, too.


Little Ray ray's bike jumpin park.

The van was packed and we headed out. Maybe it was the tailwind but we found ourselves in Cleveland sooner than we had imagined. It was cold but not the type of cold that is usually associated with the area. Cleveland is a bit depressing, the economy has not been nice to them. We found the hotel after eating some "food" that Slater had picked out. Not terrible but not great. The hotel was a great deal, we told them that we were here to "ride at Ray's" and we got a great discount.

We got to Ray's and were itching to get riding. The winter has not been all that nice to us either. There was a bit of sensory overload when you first glance around the warehouse. Riders in every direction and it honestly seemed chaotic. After finding the entrances to the sections we began to gather our bearings. I know I know, you have read review after review of Ray's MTB Park so I will not bore you with the redundant details.
There a few notable items to point out:
Pump track is great.
Red Bull Wallride is great.
Large jump line is great.
Customer service is great.

After just about killing ourselves all over the place we decide to search out some decent dinner.
For those of you that are familiar with the area must know that you have to dig a little to find the golden nuggets. With the help of a new iPhone Touch we were able to locate a Mexican restaurant that was on a list the kind gent at the front desk printed for us. The place was not so convincing from the outside, condensation in the windows and not so pleasant neighbors had us second guessing our first pick. Once inside we felt better, we were greeted with smiles and the aroma of comfort. The food was excellent! After dinner we caught some ZZZ's.

Rode for a few hours the next morning and got to see Memmelar and his posse as they were on the first leg of a cross country commute to San Diego. Before the trip home we stopped for a slice at a bar/pizza/hole in the wall. The food was pretty good considering the ambiance.

All in all it was a great time and a great place to ride. I refused to take riding shots, I was having too much fun. These shots were captured as we were on safari around town. Maybe the Wask got his film developed? We will certainly be returning.