Crossing the line?

Hi-Torque Publications owns quite a few magazines, Road, Moto, BMX, ATV and even RC Car. They also happen to own Mountain Bike Action. Many people have an opinion of MBA, most of those opinions skirt the border of "terrible", "worthless" and "uninformative".
I will try to show a bit more tact when I say that I believe it to be a suitable magazine. Suitable in the sense that without this publication the (gravity) masses would not flock in which they do to other more notable magazines such as Mountain Biking, Decline, Dirt Rag, MBUK and of course the exquisite Dirt. Now I have not purchased an issue of MBA in quite a while. I can admit to scooping one up when the stress of the last boarding call has rung out and I'm finding myself with a 6 hour flight in front of me. Just to find myself flipping through it 5-6 times, placing it in the seat back in front of me as I watch us take off from where-ever-ville.

So its an absolute garbage magazine, we got that out of the way. They recently refused a series of advertisements from Titus Cycles. Titus had enlisted the assistance of TDA Advertising in the creation of some new marketing ads. The ads were deemed to racy and sexual for print. Now, I completely understand that you can't go printing any ole thing that comes across your desk. But seriously guys, are these ads too racy? Are they too sexy? The demographic of mountain bikers that would be viewing this ad would probably crack a smile and continue to flip through the mag before they ditched it the recycling bin. Yes, no matter how terrible the magazine you can actually recycle it. A Marzocchi ad usually has a scantily clad woman lusting over a new suspension product that is ever so gently nestled within her cleavage. This I like, but it is a bit easier to understand if you don't want it in your mag. By the way, they do not print these Marzocchi ads in MBA. Maybe you should use this energy to focus on the content that falls in between the advertisements seeing as this is where you may be letting people down.

SIDENOTE: The owner of Hi-Torque (Roland Hinz) has donated quite a bit of loot to aid in the passing of legislation that would prohibit same-sex marriages in the state of California.
What an ass.


Blogger One Ghost Industries said...

Those ads are AWESOME!!!
Stupid Roland Heinz

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