Little Ray ray's bike jumpin park.

The van was packed and we headed out. Maybe it was the tailwind but we found ourselves in Cleveland sooner than we had imagined. It was cold but not the type of cold that is usually associated with the area. Cleveland is a bit depressing, the economy has not been nice to them. We found the hotel after eating some "food" that Slater had picked out. Not terrible but not great. The hotel was a great deal, we told them that we were here to "ride at Ray's" and we got a great discount.

We got to Ray's and were itching to get riding. The winter has not been all that nice to us either. There was a bit of sensory overload when you first glance around the warehouse. Riders in every direction and it honestly seemed chaotic. After finding the entrances to the sections we began to gather our bearings. I know I know, you have read review after review of Ray's MTB Park so I will not bore you with the redundant details.
There a few notable items to point out:
Pump track is great.
Red Bull Wallride is great.
Large jump line is great.
Customer service is great.

After just about killing ourselves all over the place we decide to search out some decent dinner.
For those of you that are familiar with the area must know that you have to dig a little to find the golden nuggets. With the help of a new iPhone Touch we were able to locate a Mexican restaurant that was on a list the kind gent at the front desk printed for us. The place was not so convincing from the outside, condensation in the windows and not so pleasant neighbors had us second guessing our first pick. Once inside we felt better, we were greeted with smiles and the aroma of comfort. The food was excellent! After dinner we caught some ZZZ's.

Rode for a few hours the next morning and got to see Memmelar and his posse as they were on the first leg of a cross country commute to San Diego. Before the trip home we stopped for a slice at a bar/pizza/hole in the wall. The food was pretty good considering the ambiance.

All in all it was a great time and a great place to ride. I refused to take riding shots, I was having too much fun. These shots were captured as we were on safari around town. Maybe the Wask got his film developed? We will certainly be returning.


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