Might as well be this one.

If you have to ride one of those silly bikes, might as well be this one.

The DH 29er is still fucking ridiculous.


"Lance Armstrong is a crackhead."



"Finally 2" part 1... So good.

Presented by Dirt TV and the Parkin Bros.

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Click the HD button and watch it full screen, its only fair.


Safety First

"Death is stronger than pride."

Drinking the Kool-Aid...

Twitter feed from new TractionMag contributor:
HansNoWayRey: My new GT Sensor 9er just took it 4 a ride

SpokeApparel: Uh-uh. We cant loose the great Hans Rey to 29" silliness.
HansNoWayRey: no worries
SpokeApparel: Nice. RT


Tim Lake 2010 Show Reel

This guy knows where to stand with a camera at a race.

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The last time I saw a Kona hold a turn like that there was a frenchman at the helm.


Vital visits Giro

Special appearance by Smith as he explains the complicated formula used to create color choice.

Introducing the Giro Xar Trail Helmet - More Mountain Bike Videos

Get back to work D. Smith.


Draplin and Crew

Longest Yard Sale

World's Longest Yard Sale - Part One from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.

Bar Drag Bounty

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We suggest casting a vote for T-Mag contributor: Dusty Bermshot's Lunch Break Left Hander


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Spit fire till your hearts content.

It only seems right...

You should do this...

On this...

It only seems right...

You should do this...

On this...

Andrew Neethling moves to Giant

Andrew is one of our offices favorite riders and now it looks as if Needles has inked a deal with Giant. He will be joining Danny Hart and the illustrated man (Duncan Riffle).
Maybe with some proper coaching from Needles the D-Riff can start getting a bit faster. Ha... lightning bolts!


I wanna see it.

The Parkin Bros. grace us with a trailer.

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