"Just straight huckin"

B.J.'s new ride.

Shop Class as Soul Craft

This is a great book. He really underlines the value of manual labor for the many people who have misplaced its importance. Check it out.


2001 Worlds - Greg Minnaar boost king


Yeti SB-66 Whistler Setup

East coaster John Pentecost nabbed a job at Yeti when RaceFace went belly up. The boys at Sicklines spotted him and his new rig at Whistler. The new Yeti SB-66 with a coil shock. Nice bike and a predictable chain-guide from John. I want to ride this bike NOW!

MotoGP 1000 frames per second

Casey Stone on a very small patch of rubber.


Norco's Aurum DH

The word is Latin for Gold.

I have to be honest I have never been a big fan of the Norco full suspension bikes. Especially the Italian inspired noodle bike from a year or so ago. The company went back to the drawing board and over some extensive time prototyping and testing have come up with what appears to be one of the more aesthetically pleasing bikes we have seen this year. The fluid and sometimes narrow diameter tubing gives a "light" look to the bike. Details such as the shock mounting hardware, headtube and hidden seatpost clamp are all signifiers of the attention to detail that the designers took. An ingenious little solution at the der. hanger is pretty ingenious. They have adopted the Syntace X-12 system for the rear axle and hanger mount area. The hanger mount is designed around a typical chainring bolt that is designed to fail in a crash or rock altercation. They have also provided an extra bolt for the system near the downtube/bottom bracket junction on the frame. Nifty. Prices will be between $3400 to $7350. Which is no cheap investment but what is?

The name is growing on me. To say they struck gold may be incorrect it appears that they have engineered gold. So maybe Alchemy is more fitting?

More images and words at Bike Mag.


No axle pedals? I'm not buying it.

They finally solved that problem I wasn't having! Call me old fashion but I happen to like axles. Seriously I will not buy these.
Hey Tioga if you read this, prove me wrong send us a pair and will put Monger on them.


Commencal no longer carried by BTI

And then we had nothing.

Commencal will no longer be distributed within the U.S. by BTI.
They claim that another form of distribution will pickup but the specifics are blurry.
The marketing of the products in the states was less than expected and with ridership in the states at an all time high, this is not good timing.

A few shops just opened accounts and even purchased minimums to become stocking dealers only to find out that they would no longer have access to the line.

Canadian distributors will try to assist with small parts but as most of us know that can be an extreme hassle when it comes to import taxes and shipping costs.

We hope Commencal finds another home here in the states quickly. Wih the release of the new downhill frame, the very new all mountain Meta frame and the success of the Athertons it seems as if this a crucial time to be part of the U.S. sales market.

Just look at as another product that BTI will be out of stock on.

Crabapple hits with Fairclough, Hart and Riffle

That video we were referring to down below.

Some stuff thats been happening.

1. The jumps on Crabapple Hits have gotten just a bit bigger. (Fairclough showing us how its done)
2. Ropelato won the Crankworx Dual Slalom and Steve Smith won the Canadian Open. (See vid below)
3. You can watch all the latest action on Freecaster (Tonight is the Garbanzo DH)
4. Specialized has released their new colorways for the Demo, framesets come with CCDB (One includes a TLD version which we personally like)
5. Specialized also has released the new Dissident helmet (More pictures here)
6. BTI will no longer carry Commencal moving forward, get them while you can. Go ask the Canucks for one.
7. Love em or hate em, prolly the latter. Brosnan is fast.
8. Gracia killed his ACL at the French Championships and likes floral undies (Image of leg and undies here)

CrankWorx Canadian Open DH 2011

Best footage I can find so far. Brosnan looks as if he gaps Heckler's Rock. The booter up to the whoops is big and fun looking.


Good Lord!


I miss it already.

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