Taking "Worlds" seriously.

Gee is a bit hungry. After not having a hearty meal in some time, he is looking to satisfy his appetite. Dirt was able to get some close shots of his Canberra Worlds bike.

Rear Air Shock w/remote lockout
Non-Adjustable Wheel Base
Non-Adjustable Head Tube
Teeny-Tiny Road Cluster

More pics and info here!


Taking it serious.

The state of things within the downhill racing community have been changing quite a bit recently. Precious seconds can be shaved...but where do we shave it?

Dirt article on wind tunnel testing.


Your Bike is Hot!

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Your Bike Is Hot!

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Competition is Fierce

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Canada Cup Results...Neko gets 5th!

1. 1 Sam Hill AUS Monster Energy, Specialized, Mad Catz 3:02.56 +0.00
2. 6 Brendan Fairclough GBR Monster Energy, Specialized, Mad Catz 3:10.73 +8.17
3. 11 Steve Smith CAN MS Evil RACING, Red Bull 3:11.77 +9.21
4. 40 Joshua Button AUS Mongoose Gravity Team, SRAM, Rockshox 3:12.00 +9.44
5. 61 Neko Mulally USA Specialized Team America 3:14.59 +12.03
6. 38 Kenny Smith CAN Cove Bikes, Sram 3:15.05 +12.49
7. 163 Dean Tennant CAN 3:15.55 +12.99
8. 25 Joe Smith GBR Kona, Saint 3:15.56 +13.00
9. 15 Bernat Guardia ESP Massi 3:15.88 +13.32
10. 52 Kyle Strait USA Specialized Team America 3:16.39 +13.83
11. 10 Chris Kovarik AUS Chain Reaction Cycles, Intense 3:16.40 +13.84
12. 64 Jamie Biluk CAN Transcend Orange 3:17.20 +14.64
13. 26 Tyler Morland CAN SRAM, Evil Bikes 3:17.88 +15.32
14. 134 Cesar Rojo ESP Mondraker 3:18.14 +15.58
15. 57 Ruaridh Cunningha GBR Chain Reaction Cycles, Intense 3:18.34 +15.78
16. 131 Marcelo Gutierrez COL Cafe de Columbia 3:18.52 +15.96
17. 21 Curtis Keene USA Specialized 3:19.76 +17.20
18. 43 Ivan Oulego ESP Massi 3:20.55 +17.99
19. 41 Wyn Masters NZL Ancillotti Cycles 3:21.74 +19.18
20. 118 Kieran Bennett NZL X-Fusion, Intense 3:23.37 +20.81

Not to mention getting 4th in the slalom.
Keep ripping Neko!


Riding wood

Termites would provide a bad day.

Wood bike manufacturer Renovo swears by it.
Here's a bit of news coming from an underground source, the new 2010 Trek Bikes have just dropped, and they're definately looking hot. They've released, among other things, a full carbon version of their belt driven city bike, the District. Look for more shots of the new lineup in the coming days...


I have been admiring the machines from Confederate Motorcycles for sometime. In an attempt to make you drool here are some pictures of B120 Wraith. Confederate

Wiping up Manipoo?

Is the fork company on a comeback? The Dorado looks great but the price is pretty ugly. Does that technology trickle down to something that we can afford? Here is a cutaway of the 2010 Manitou Minute. Looks as if this one is not filled with jelly and broken glass.

On your mark...get set...

On September 4th and 5th, 2009 mountain bikers will gather at the peak at Whistler Mountain, at Whistler Blackcomb resort in British Columbia and will descend more than 2,182m and a vertical of 1,530m in order to cross the finish line in the Whistler Village. All riders will need to sustain constant physical and mental effort in order to maintain control during the entire descent, which will take approximately 35 to 45 minutes for the fastest participants.

Red Bull Exodus is a mass start downhill race that will see 200 men and women starting simultaneously from the snow-capped peak, proceeding to fly down the mountain past the Roundhouse Lodge, entering the world-famous Whistler Mountain Bike Park at the top of the Garbanzo Express chairlift, before riding the Park’s giant slalom course and then finally crossing the finish line in the Whistler Village. Over the course of two days, participants will be challenged by bar-to-bar racing as they battle side-by-side, dealing with fatigues and navigating through dirt trails riddled with jumps, stunts, drops and root-strewn terrain.


Boost Everything

R.I.P. Andy Kessler

NYC skate legend Andy Kessler has died of a heart attack.

"If skateboarding was a town, this guy was its mayor. Andy Kessler, one of the good ones, died yesterday apparently of a wasp sting that led to a heart attack. This was a great dude, NO ONE could say anything wrong about this dude.

He was one of the oldest, if not the oldest, skater in New York City, holding it down, real since the 70's. Andy will be seriously missed by many including myself." -Glen E. Freidman

Twigs and Berries

There should be a few more people proofing the work that comes out of the agency that threw this together. Twigs and Berries between the yellow and blue. Cycling fans are crazy.


Mighty Mos Def


Boost the Lip

This one goes out to Bones and the CT boys. Looks like all your hard work is, in some sense, paying off!


Give me my space.

A new bicycle safety law went into effect in Colorado on Wednesday. The law requires drivers to give cyclists at least 3 feet of space when passing or risk a $110 ticket. Maybe the country could follow suit. CHECK IT


Kranked "Revolve"

Great footage and riding, "bikumentary" may be a bit of a stretch though.