Bishop and his MONSTER Track

Bishop has made yet another badass product.


"Follow Me" snippet

Fairclough on Dirt Merchant stepping down the rock. Short, but oh so sweet.

FOLLOW ME... Making of BC Bike Parks Teaser from Anthill Films on Vimeo.


RedBull on Ice in Montreal

Nothing is ludicrous as long as it says Red Bull on it.

2010 F1 is back in the great white north.


Life Cycles: NIght Shoot

"Razzle Dazzle"

Life Cycles Night Shoot At Whistler from NSMB.com on Vimeo.


2011 XO is Ten

Lots of people are rumoring about a big "shift" into the ten gears on the old MTB. SRAM has XX and Shimano is rumored to be producing the same style ten speed setup. With the airwaves clogged with dissent from some, we here at Tmag fully embrace more gears on the back and less up front. The screams of: I only need 9 or 8 or less are drowned out by the clicking and crunching of your archaic front mech. Throw ten on the back and a guide up front that will be the new setup in the AM realm this year. Watch and learn. Remember when you see all the goons in two years rocking a single shifter on the group ride up "what-the-fuck-hill" in Wherever, USA... DH made it famous!

Xmen Bike Messengers


Oh, Yeah Slalom!


Dirt TV's "Finally" part one.

Finally Part One HD


Hammer time

As we begin to explore paint options for our TractionMag/Bishop bike we get inspiration from all sources.

Make it work.

more Zany Bike People


Mark Weir's house burned to ground.

His family was not hurt but there is now a mountain of SUCK that needs to be sifted through. Good luck fellow cyclist.

Some assembly required.

Check out the 1:1 scale of this incredible work HERE.


Pastrana soars