Can you a scrub a bicycle?

An online conversation was started around this very question. I do not really care what resolution they came up with. My answer is "yes", Vanderham in Seasons, Gwin in Tipping Point, Hopkins for Life Cycles, Brendan, Mitch Delfs, Sam Hill and blah blah blah.

Don't be a jackass by asking a stupid question like that.

Here is Bubba doing his thang!

Here is Hopkins doing his thang!

A video clip of Bubba, watch it a few times.


When small (cool) things become large...

This is a kinda good bike... If you're into that sorta thing.


Here are some tidbits floating around the series of tubes we call the internet.

"BEST FUCKING SITE EVER=HB Cut The Course" this is a social commentary site pertaining to the bicycle industry. Kudos. A new favorite here at T-Mag.

A new air shock from the stuffy french-men at BOS.
Current top ten World Cup point leaders.
Greg Minnaar 914
Steve Peat 835
Sam Hill 789
Gee Atherton 776
Mick Hannah 723
Justin Leov 551
Brendan Fairclough 482
Sam Blenkinsop 476
Steve Smith 411
Andrew Neethling 398


Fabien takes the win in Maribor.

Narrowly beating out Hill, Barel takes the win for the first time in a long time. Gee was leading as the fastest qualifier but had a spill which took him out of the winners circle. Peaty got a flat and may have slightly surrendered his leaders jersey. Minnaar may have broken his ankle in the rock section. The rocks of Slovenia do not like those Syndicate boys.


2010 UCI World Cup Schedule

The 2010 schedule has been released with some exciting news for us Yanks! Not to mention Worlds being held at Mount Saint Anne.

April 24-25: World Cup XCO #1, Dalby Forest, Great Britain
May 1-2: World Cup XCO #2 & 4X #1, Houffalize, Belgium
May 15-16: World Cup DHI #1 & 4X #2, Maribor, Slovenia
May 22-23: World Cup XCO #3, Offenburg, Germany
June 5-6: World Cup DHI #2 & 4X #3, Fort William Great Britain
June 19-20: World Cup DHI #3 & 4X #4, Schladming, Austria
June 7-10: European Continental Championships, Haifa, Israel
July 17-18: National Championships Weekend
July 24-25: World Cup XCO #4 and DHI #4, Champéry, Switzerland
July 31 - August 1: World Cup XCO #5, DHI #5 and 4X #5, Val di Sole, Italy
August 8: World Marathon Championships, St. Wendel, Germany
August 28-29: World Cup XCO #5, DHI #6, and 4X #6, Windham, New York, USA
August 31 - September 5: World XCO, DHI & 4X Championships, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, Canada


Young Money

What's Next? Trailer from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.

Aaron Larocque's new full length flick.Skinny jeans, big wheels, huge schralps.

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