Like, Whoah.


Fast Lane...

Don't darkside grind the veggie aisle.

Did you feel a bit taken when they flashed the URL at the end?

I did.


Leogang WC Day 2 practice

MTBCut stitched this quick vid together of this weekends Leogang World Cup.

World Cup 3, Day 2, Leogang - More Mountain Bike Videos

All I have to say to Matti is... DAMN!!!!!
Wheel go BOOM.


Not a BFD.

Lance's panties are in a bunch. Shame on Outside or shame on Lance?
He is a bit peeved that the t-shirt text was Photochopped in. Oh well. Go ride your bike and stop sitting in front of the camera. All the great publicity your very worthwhile organization is receiving should make it worth it? It's not like the shirt says "I take performance enhancing drugs... BFD." now that would be a great magazine cover!


New Lapierre DH Bike at Leogang

A new Lapierre Dh bike will be on the track in Leogang this weekend. Piloted by Sam Blenkinsop, it will be interesting to see a new suspension design on the circuit. Check out the vid Sven shot over at VitalMTB.


Cannondale Jekyll 2011

Cannondale has just released a new makeover for the Jekyll line. One of the HNIC's here at TractionMag had a Jekyll many moons ago. I'm sure he will be excited to hear the news. So... about that shock?

SRAM XO Cranks

New Sram XO tidbit.