Are you a maniac?

The 1985 Alenax TRB-5000 is not the name of Soviet rocket more so the name and model of this crazy ass bike. We caught a glimpse of this beast while at the World Cup in New Yawk. Prolly boasting the same technological advances as a Soviet rocket this thing was for sale by someone who made a bad decision long ago. It was in relatively good shape for a bike this old, but when you own something that is a pain in the ass to use it really never gets a chance to wear down. Those are some long crank arms, not wrenches and if you are a lover of the movie Flashdance then you can "I'm a maniac, maniac" your way down your local trails. (funny that Flashdance was released in 83 so it only took the guy 2 years and a bucket load of bad judgment to build the TRB-5000). Rock on playa. More info on this bad invention HERE.


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