"Vegas is excessive and strange" part 3

Next year Interbike will move to Anaheim, California. For all the griping about Vegas I am a bit curious to see what Anaheim will be like. I wonder what Outdoor Demo day will look like, what type of trail network is near by? Of course Anaheim is home to Disneyland so that peculiar and unsettling feeling of being in the adult theme park which is Vegas will be replaced by the peculiar and unsettling feeling of being in a children's theme park. Mickey doesn't know what he's in for.
Big shoes to fill.
Vegas has a way of letting you leave adulthood in the rearview.
One of my favorite rides with a spectacular view aboard two borrowed mules.
My favorite throwback graphics at the show had to be the SC bikes setup.
One of my favorite innovations that may never see the light of day on my bike.
My favorite painted hubs of the show.
Paste ups and anti-ads were everywhere if you knew when to look.


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