"Vegas is excessive and strange" part 1

Not the first time you've heard that. The lights are always on, always. The "ding-ding-ding-ding" sound is audible poison. The smells range from Chanel no.5 to putrefaction, they combine to create an aroma that makes you smile and gag simultaneously. The air carjacks the moisture from your body and somehow your wallet is getting thinner and thinner. This place has a very short shelf-life. We did have a beautiful room overlooking a pathetic drunken hunting preserve. the room was filled with remnants of hundreds of fallen geese in the form of comforters and pillows. A gluttonous way to slumber. The coffee shop had 24k gold brushed on their danishes, 24k gold on a fucking pastry. What did the five fingers say to the poor?

Ok my rant is over. On to Interbike photos and my favs:
My favorite decal-color combo was Vanderham's Evil Revolt. The carbon version is around the corner.
My favorite guerrilla marketing campaign sticker.
In the land of excess its is refreshing to see people doing what they need to do just to get by. Hats off to Gibb and Frankowski for their efforts in sexing my eyes.
My favorite pro was on hand giving his John Hancock at the Maxxis booth. Who the hell is Troy?
Flamingo and Koval is where Tupac was gunned down. 200 feet from my room. 14 years and 10 days ago.
Favorite throwback product of the show.
Favorite paint job.


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