"Vegas is excessive and strange" part 2

The whole place is a gigantic stage and prop show. The facade is rarely broken and in the event you find yourself "backstage" the gritty and raw reality of Vegas is actually quite soothing in a unique way.
More pics...
This was my favorite bathroom. While not technically a lavatory, the time and money that went in to creating this hallway was enough to make you shit your pants.
Favorite cryptid was this beast that was far from home and overheating.

Favorite misuse of technology was this dinner plate strapped to the side of a tandem road bike. I think a drag chute would have been more appropriate or just a giant stick you could ram down into those fiber spokes.
My favorite "swag" was Chrome's tattoo setup. If a custom bag for 30 bones was not enough you could have some sweet ink applied.
Favorite stem was certainly the ODI direct mount. Not as slick as a Point One Racing stem but a heck of a lot cheaper.
Favorite frame re-design had to be the 2011 Commencal Supreme. Lighter frame weight and stiffer swingarm are welcome side effects on the new design. The Devinci Wilson was a close second with a newly designed DW-Link.
Favorite ding-a-ling inspired photo. Sword-fighting.


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