2009 Saint Group

Sea Otter will be the debut of the new 2009 Saint Group. It has been revamped quite a bit. Gold accents on all the trinkets and new branding will have the design gods happy. The newly designed rear der. will be able to be attached to any frame, regardless of your axle...thats was screwy and heavy. They have a double ring setup that will be offered in the freeride friendly, 83 shell. The new hubs will be center-lock like the older ones but the center-lock mechanism will be actuated with an X-Type BB tool. The shifter, well it's a shifter...oh thats right. They give you some extra mounting positions. Keep a keen eye on the Cannondale tent at "Ze Otter" I believe they will have the only bike with a full Saint setup. The new Moto maybe or the a Judge? Take pictures and send them to me. Lighter weight, compatibility and new look, I believe that Shimano may have done something right for once.
For those of you offended by that last statement...get a life its the internet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the Saint brakes?

Any word on whether or not those are getting a revamp?

12:49 AM  
Blogger Evolution said...

Yes they are now a four piston system. I did not have pics of those when this went out. There are pics now floating around.

10:33 AM  
Blogger the wask said...

center lock hubs scare me.

9:19 PM  

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