You've had your meat now eat your veggies.

We have been "biking it" quite a bit lately. We have had a good run, Sea Otter certainly gave us some oodles of drool content. But you know here at the TractionMag HQ we are constantly trying to bring you information that we feel is pertinent to the progressive cycling culture lifestyle we boast about.
So we bring you some goodies of a different flavor, consider it mental nutrition.

MUSIC-If you have been looking to reinvigorate that suicide playlist on your iPod, your prayers have been heard. Portishead has a new album soon to be released, titled "Third." Now do not misunderstand me, I love this band and own the first two albums and some non-album tracks. They are not in the habit of squeezing out record after record. Digging on the net will drum up some samples of the new album and it is to be released in the states today. If you are slightly depressed or have a cabinet full of prescription pills you may want to skip over this gem until the cloud passes...

FILM-Yeah I'm a movie guy. Me and reality have not been getting along since Indiana first graced the screen and my love affair with celluloid has subjected my eyes to some great films and a whole lot of garbage. The latest film to really catch my radar is an offering from Barry Jenkins entitled "Medicine for Melancholy." Two hipsters in San Fran trying to find their own identity in a relatively wealthy city with a very clicky underground. Takes the one-night-stand to a whole other level.

700c-In all of the Sea Otter manure that came across our desk one of the more impressive items was only compatible with my track bike. I have been cruising around on a track bike now for about 8 years and still find it pretty damn exciting. The spin definitely helps out on the big bike and negotiating with side views at high speed, help with the mental game when it comes to the holes on Mount Snow. A company by the name of Hive decided to use the annual event to come out of the closet to the bike world. They make some big ass track hubs and very smart SS cranks.

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