Another obscure Red Bull race, down something...

I was impressed with the race, even more so with Bas de Bever popping up. I love watching that guy ride a bike.

I would embed the player but it is so annoying when it auto plays. Follow the link "HERE"

Also there are some new pieces from Chromag, newly designed Fubars and a clean looking seatpost clamp. The stems are also nice but I liked these better so...

For those of you that know Phil Wheeler, he recently suffered a serious Motocross injury. He is in the hospital recovering and he looks as if he will heal up. Send him some love, from the looks of the pictures on Littermag he certainly needs it. Phil is a staple around here on the East Coast, between working at various shops, being terrorized by D-Ruckus and hopping on that retarded trials bike he traveled with us for a season. When I say he traveled with us I really mean that we let him sleep on the floor in Slater's room. Rest up Phil, you are our "Great American Hero."


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