The Midas touch.

7,066.55 is a lot to pay for a bike rack. Well, the more I think about it I guess it is actually pretty reasonable of you will be using it to hang your $113,064.81 fixed gear bike. All you tight pants wearing trend setters better start saving mom and dads nickels.
Cause this status symbol will certainly cost you all your Dunks and New Eras. Aurumania is a company based in Europe that gets off on making things with gold. The bike is plated in 24 karat gold and has 600 Swarovski crystals adorned upon it. They claim on their site that they make"Wow-Extraordinary" things. Whatever, the email for this company is stopdigging@aurumania.com.
I say stop frontin!

Here is a LINK to an even bigger asshole with no respect for bikers.


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